Corey Graves took some hard shots at CM Punk

Jun 9, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE commentator Corey Graves ripped into CM Punk with a series of tweets after his second UFC loss last night.

“Maybe abandoning everybody who stood by your side, even when we weren’t supposed to, only to have you turn your back on us wasn’t the right move after all? No anger. Only sadness,” Graves wrote.

Graves explained that Punk held his first son before he did because he was on tour and he trusted him, saying him he was like his big brother.

“I had dinner with him the week after he quit. The first rule of ‘punk rock’ is loyalty, and this guy betrayed it all,” Graves continued, telling later that when they were in Chicago he sent a text to Punk for dinner and Punk said he has no interest in being friends with anyone associated with WWE.

“I still love you, ‘friend’ and I’m sorry you got lost,” Graves added, and later sent another tweet for Punk to call him.

Explaining more in detail about his problem with Punk, Graves said that he’s hurt that Punk turned his back on everyone that loved and supported him only because of the WWE name on his paycheck. “I’m definitely not the only one. I won’t name names, but there is a large group of us to this day that inexplicably lost a solid friend because of where we work,” Graves told

“Don’t worry, hey @VinceMcMahon this has nothing to do with you. You either @TripleH. This isn’t corporate. This is real life. Calm down internerds,” he eventually concluded.

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