Colt Cabana on the jury finding in favor of both him and CM Punk

Jun 9, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“She’s like up there, my lawyer is saying this is why this should be thrown out. Their lawyer is saying this is why it should stay in. She’s about to make this judgment. My heart starts racing, like pounding. My heart is pounding, adrenaline is going through because you can tell she’s about to make a decision and there’s such a difference between two cases and one case. My heart is racing. It is f–king racing. I try to stop it; but, there’s nothing I can do. These are my true emotions. The example they were using was Keith Van Horne vs Mancow, which I got a chuckle out of… maybe they talked bad about each other cause you use court cases from the past to help rulings in the present; but, the judge said, ‘No this is different. He wasn’t defamatory so we’re throwing it out.’ That got thrown out. I was not defamatory. I did not defame him in anyway. Punk went up and he basically did a second podcast on the stand with a lot of evidence. The doctor in the beginning told the story about this guy never being hurt, never being injured and the doctor was just being a great old doctor. You just hear the crazy schedule that Punk’s on, the vigorous schedule and he’s in one town the next and there’s evidence and there’s text messages of him getting ice packs and his body hurting, doctors talking about him every single day and constantly being injured. I knew his life was bad, you really see it on paper – I don’t mean his life is bad; but, the vigorousness of how much he was going through and it wasn’t ending and it wasn’t ending. You see it. I feel like the jury is experiencing it. He started crying. My lawyer who doesn’t know Punk said, ‘Is this real?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘How do you know?’ I said, ‘Listen to this awful experience.’ He’s reliving this awful experience on top of paying all this money for his lawyers and possibly losing million or more to this doctor who allegedly treated him like s–t. Their lawyer put a stop to it quick. The judge said, ‘You’ve got to compose yourself. Get it together.'”

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