President Trump praises the work of Linda McMahon as Administrator of the SBA

Jun 7, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

President Donald Trump and most of his Cabinet attended a briefing at the FEMA headquarters where he praised the majority of his Cabinet members, including former WWE President and CEO Linda McMahon, who is now the Administrator of the Small Business Administration.

“A friend of mine for a long time, Administrator Linda McMahon,” Trump said during the round table meeting. “And, Linda, I was just being told the other day what you’ve done in small business has been incredible. One of the real stars.”

President Trump, who is a WWE Hall of Famer, said that her husband, family, and himself are all very proud of her fantastic work so far. “People don’t realize your small business is really – it’s really a very massive business. And you add it all up and those numbers are not small business. They’re bigger than just about any company you can even think of. So congratulations, Linda. Thank you very much.”

McMahon was sworn in as Administrator of the SBA on February 14, 2017 by Vice President Mike Pence.

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