“I’m done with professional wrestling,” says CM Punk

Jun 7, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

Following the interview with Ariel Helwani that touched the topic of professional wrestling, CM Punk clarified some of his answers which might have been open for interpretation. But this time, the answer is clear.

“I’m done. I’m done. I’m done with professional wrestling,” Punk told TSN during the media day for UFC 225. Punk said that people like to be mad at him and make fun of him for losing his first MMA fight but he doesn’t care. “You’re entitled to your opinion. But you do not own me, and I am entitled to do what I want to do. And that’s what I’m doing.”

Punk added that wrestling is now “in the rear-view mirror” and it’s something that he’s been trying to move on from for the past five years. “Some people they won’t let it go,” Punk continued. “They…I don’t know…want to live my life for me. I kind of don’t understand that.” Punk said that he said “no” several times before but no matter how many times he says it, people spin it to “so there’s a chance.”

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