CM Punk and Colt Cabana give first comments after trial

Jun 6, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

It’s safe to say that both CM Punk and Colt Cabana are quite happy with the outcome of the trial after the jury found them not guilty for defamation.

For CM Punk, it was a tough two weeks as he is also preparing for his second UFC fight this Saturday in his home town of Chicago.

“Aside from the fact that I’m in the middle of a weight cut, and obviously I’ve got some other business to take care of at the end of the week, a gigantic weight has been lifted off of my shoulders,” CM Punk told in first comments outside the courtroom.

“First and foremost, I’m happy for my friend Colt Cabana, who I think was dragged into this for silly reasons, but just in general, I’m super appreciative and happy that the jury came to that verdict,” Punk added. “They think I had truth on my side, obviously I did, and common sense prevailed. I’m just happy. I appreciate everyone that was in my corner and knew and continues to know the truth.”

Punk said he can’t wait to put all this behind him and just move on with his life, having finally closed the wrestling chapter of his career.

Meanwhile, his partner in crime Colt Cabana was equally relieved.

“It justifies everything that I fought for for so long. I had questions from day one about why was I in this thing, and I think afterwards, talking to a lot of the jury, they had the same questions. It’s a big relief; it’s a lot off of my chest and shoulders,” Cabana told

Cabana felt that the jury was always going to be on their side even though it was a nerve-wrecking week.

“I think that when it’s all based on a jury, or just the people representing the people, I didn’t see how they wouldn’t see our side of the story. Someone like Punk who is just a punk kid, and someone like myself who is a guy who loves wrestling going against this doctor that was coming at us,” he concluded.

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