6/6/18 WWE NXT Recap: TM61 in Action; Strong vs. Burch; Evans vs. Sane; TakeOver Takes Shape

Jun 6, 2018 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll and then Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us to the show. Shayna Baszler’s music hits and the NXT Women’s Champion makes her way to the ring.

Baszler says she showed the entire locker room that when you step into the ring with her, you will be smacked in the face with a dose of reality. She says she is tougher, stronger, and better than everyone and the strong will always defeat the weak, but there always has to be one person that thinks the law doesn’t apply to them. She says that person is Nikki Cross. Baszler says if Cross ever gets in her face again, it’ll be the last thing she ever does. Cross’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring. Baszler says the stunt Cross pulled last week was a joke and tells Cross the only place she is better than Baszler is inside her own mind. Baszler asks Cross if she is crazy and Cross smiles and nods her head yes. Baszler says she can put Cross to sleep in a heartbeat and throws the microphone at her. Cross picks it up and tells her to do it over and over again. Cross lunges toward Baszler and Baszler drops the title. Cross laughs at her and then takes her down with a Thesz Press. Cross beats down Baszler and then stomps away on her in the corner. Cross goes to pick up the title, but Baszler drops her with a right hand and tosses her out of the ring. Cross comes back with a forearm shot and then takes Baszler down with a cross-body from the top rope. Baszler rolls to the floor and Cross throws the title belt to her. They stare each other down as Baszler grabs the title and backs up the entrance ramp.

Back from the break, we see that “Uncomfortable” by Halestorm will be one of the official theme songs for NXT TakeOver: Chicago II. We then see that Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki Cross for the NXT Women’s Championship has been made official for the event.

Match #1 – Tag Team Match: TM61 (Shane Thorne and Nick Miller) vs. Mike Hugely and Robbie Graham
Miller starts with Hugely and Miller chops him into the corner immediately. Thorne tags in, but Hugely counters with a jaw-breaker. His partner, Robbie Graham, tags in and Thorne drops him with a dropkick. Miller tags back and takes control of the match. Thorne drives a knee into Graham and Miller tosses Hugely to the floor. Thorne tags in and he drops Graham with a shot to the back of the neck and gets the pin fall.
Winners: TM61.
After the match, Miller gets on the mic and says they have proven that they are the best tag team in NXT. He says they have beaten The Street Profits and Heavy Machinery and they are proven winners. He says they will win against the War Raiders, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, and The Undisputed ERA. Thorne says every team in NXT should kneel down and call them The Mighty.

We see that Lacey Evans and Kairi Sane will go one-on-one later tonight, as well as Danny Burch vs. Roderick Strong.

We take a look back to last’s weeks confrontation between Aleister Black and Lars Sullivan, in which Sullivan left Black lying in the ring. We take a look at Sullivan putting in training hours at the Performance Center earlier in the week. We are reminded that Black will defend the NXT Championship against Sullivan at NXT TakeOver: Chicago II and Ranallo informs us that Black will address Sullivan later tonight.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Roderick Strong vs. Danny Burch
They lock up and McGuinness informs us that Burch and Oney Lorcan will challenge The Undisputed ERA for the NXT Tag Team Championship at NXT TakeOver: Chicago II. Strong takes Burch down to the mat, but Burch reverses and sends Strong into the ropes. They lock back up and Burch drops Strong to the mat and delivers a kick to the ribs. Burch works over Strong’s arm and applies a wrist-lock down on the mat. Strong sends Burch to the apron, but Burch drives his shoulder into Strong. Strong comes back with a kick to the the face and then delivers cross-face shots and an elbow to Burch. Strong chops Burch in the corner a few times and then delivers a pendulum back-breaker. Strong goes for the cover, but Burch kicks out at two. Strong applies a front face-lock. Burch gets free, but Strong takes him right back down with a dropkick.
Strong applies an abdominal stretch, but Burch gets free and sends Strong to the floor. Burch delivers a headbutt to Strong in the ring and both men are down. Burch and Strong exchange shots, but Burch gets the upperhand and delivers uppercuts in the corner. Burch drops Strong with a clothesline and then another uppercut. Burch delivers a release German suplex and then another clothesline. Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole rush the ring, but Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne rush as well and those four brawl at ringside. Burch takes Strong down in the ring and locks in the cross-face submission, but Cole gets on the apron and Burch knocks him down. Strong delivers the End of Heartache and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Roderick Strong.
After the match, Dunne gets into the ring and beats down Strong. He sets up for the Bitter End, but O’Reilly takes him down from behind. Strong drops Dunne with the End of Heartache and The Undisputed ERA stand tall and back up the ramp as Dunne, Burch, and Lorcan are down in the ring.

We see Kassius Ohno setting up for a photo shoot backstage when EC3 interrupts. They have words and Ohno challenges him to a match. EC3 says he is all booked up tonight and Ohno says he will give him a week to prepare. EC3 accepts and walks away.

We see that Tommaso Ciampa will address the NXT Universe later tonight and see that Lacey Evans vs. Kairi Sane is up next.

We see a vignette for Aleister Black. He says Lars Sullivan showed him what he can expect in Chicago, but next week Sullivan will know what it means to fade to black.

Ranallo, McGuinness, and Watson run down the NXT TakeOver: Chicago II card and then we get a video hype package for the feud between Ricochet and The Velveteen Dream.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Lacey Evans vs. Kairi Sane
They lock up and Sane delivers a double chop to Evans and then drops her with a head-scissors and a neck-breaker. Sane stomps on Evans’s hand and then sends her to the apron. Evans comes back with a knee shot and then drops Sane to the mat. Evans drops an elbow and goes for the cover, but Sane quickly kicks out. Evans holds Sane down on the mat and then applies a chin-lock down on the mat. Sane fights her way to her feet, but Evans swings her around and tosses her across the ring. Evans delivers a body slam and goes for the cover, but Sane kicks out at two. Evans goes for a springboard moonsault, but Sane moves and drops Evans with a couple spears. Sane delivers the Sliding D in the corner and goes up top. Sane delivers a forearm shot and goes for the cover, but Evans kicks out at two. Sane locks in the arm-bar submission, but Evans turns in into a pin for a two count. Sane delivers an Alabama Slam and goes up top. Sane delivers the In-Sane Elbow and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Kairi Sane.

We are reminded that Aleister Black will be live next week and he will address Lars Sullivan one more time. We then see that the match between Kassius Ohno and EC3 has been made official for next week.

Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring. Ciampa says the NXT Universe gave up on him long before he gave up on them. He says the NXT Universe disgusts him and the crowd keeps interrupting him. He says he is going to talk and they are going to shut up and listen. He tells the portions of the crowd cheering for him to spare him of their “Psycho Killer” crap and says it’s time to address Johnny Gargano. He says it’s always about Gargano and says that he damn near crippled his own wife two weeks ago. Ciampa says Candice being hurt was Gargano’s own fault. He says Gargano attacked him and he simply defended himself. Ciampa tells Gargano to not show up to TakeOver in ten days. He says the Gargano fairytale will come to an end and it won’t be a happy ending. He says Gargano will be broken just like his wife. Gargano comes from the back and fights off security and gets to the ring. He and Ciampa begin to brawl and security and referees try to separate them. Gargano fights off all the security and dives on Ciampa. They finally get separated for a bit, but they eventually brawl back into the ring. Ciampa gets Gargano in the Gargano Escape and finally leaves the ring. Ciampa waves bye to Gargano, but Gargao gets to his feet and attacks him on the ramp again. Gargano slams Ciampa into the LED boards and Ciampa is busted open. Gargano grabs Ciampa in the Gargano Escape and Ciampa is tapping on the stage as the referees try to pull Gargano off of him as the show comes to a close.

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