Nikki Bella “flirts” with a bartender?

Jun 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Nikki Bella apparently tried to mess with the paparazzi by flirting with a bartender on camera according to TMZ. TMZ’s report includes a photo of Nikki flirting with someone on a balcony in Miami, Florida. She claims the incident in question was a “joke” to try and mess with photographers who were following her and the Total Divas crew for days.

The bartender is apparently a 21 year old model the “Total Divas” show hired to serve the cast drinks at a penthouse they were staying at. However, this past Thursday, it is believed that Nikki came up with a plan to take the young bartender out and start fake flirting with him for the camera that were present at the time.

Unfortunately her “fake flirting” plan backfired as the paparazzi that were present started taking photos of her and the bartender. Then stories began to circulate on the internet of Nikki Bella with another man. Nikki didn’t expect her prank to be taken that far (lord knows why 🤷‍♂️) and it turned onto something she didnt expect. Nikki told TMZ that she isn’t dating another man but instead is trying to see if she can “work things out” with John Cena.

There are some other news outlets that claim that John Cena and Nikki are already together. However, Nikki claims that she and John are “working on their relationship,” and they are working things out “day by day.”

(The Spotlight)

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