Dezmond Xavier talks the X Division Still Being About No Limits, New Management, More

May 31, 2018 - by James Walsh


Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Dezmond Xavier
Date: 05/31/18
Your Host: James Walsh

One of Impact Wrestling’s young lions joins the Wrestling Epicenter this week for an exclusive interview to promote Under Pressure, the Impact on POP TV special which airs tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Eastern. Dez is going to be taking on “The Machine” Brian Cage in a #1 Contendership match for the chance to face Matt Sydal for the X Division Championship.

Dez has been around the scene since 2011 but only joined Impact Wrestling last year and quickly captured the GFW Super X Cup. Since then, he’s been dazzling crowds with his athletic performances. Now in the mix for the X Division Title, we discuss his journey to the top and his future goals.

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On facing “The Machine” Brian Cage at Impact Under Pressure:
“Brian Cage… What can you say about Brian Cage that hasn’t already been said? He is truly a freak of nature. His athleticism is difficult to combat because you have to take into account his size. In order for me to do that, I’m going to have to research as much as I can on him and come up with the best game plan for him. I am looking forward to it and I’m planning on walking out the victor.”


On the larger talent working in the X Division of late:
“I am still a firm believer that it is not about weight limits, it is about no limits. If you feel you can stretch the boundaries of reality, go ahead and step into the X Division and lets see what you can do! Brian Cage felt he can and has proven he can do so. It definitely goes to show it isn’t about size, it is about what you can do.”


On his recent critically acclaimed match with Petey Williams on Impact:
“To share the ring with Petey was amazing. To walk out the victor made it even more sweet. To just be in the ring with him was a learning experience and is something I will take with my on my journey to being X Division Champion. To combat against a pioneer of the X Division is something that I’ve always dreamed of. I’ve watched Petey for a very long time. It was a little bit surreal to be standing across the ring from him. I did have to take a step back and let go of the fan that still lives in me.”


On zero fear in doing the high risk moves:
“I kind of walked in with that mind set being influenced by some of the smaller guys and the X Division stars. Seeing the capabilities of the human body, I just went for it! I have a fearless nature so I was ready to dive in and see what my body could and couldn’t do. I think that is what put me in the position I’m in right now. I do know what my body is capable of doing and I’m capable of doing more. When the time is right, I do plan on bringing that out.”


On his finishing move:
“It is named after a good friend of mine who has been a huge part of my career. The combination came from… I’m a huge martial arts fan. Seeing the moves of Donnie Yen and Jet Lee and Bruce Lee. Trying to mirror those, it created the extra momentum. Pele, I guess you could say. That just came to me. It got me a Super X Cup championship! So, imagination is an amazing thing! (laughs) It can reap incredible benefits.”


On winning the 2017 Super X Cup:
“The Super X Cup is a tournament I’ve been familiar with for a long time. It is synonymous with X Division stars that are the cream of the crop – Just a notch above the others. For me to be a part of it alone was an awesome experience. I knew that me being a part of it meant I had to put my best foot forward for me to walk out the winner. It has given me a lot of notoriety as one of the top X Division stars and that is a level I plan on living up to and possibly surpassing and being X Division champion.”


On being trained by oVe’s Dave Christ:
“I was originally trained by Earl The Pearl, Rich Myers, and Ronnie Zukko. Those are who laid the foundation. Once I moved back home to Ohio, that is when I trained under Dave Christ. It is just his unique outlook on wrestling, in my opinion. The way that he approaches opponents, the way he does a certain move, it kind of makes you think outside of the box. When you’re thinking outside of the box, it is something fans are appreciative of and opponents are not knowing of. I feel that is what is creating these unique students coming out of Dave Christ’s training academy.”


On his tag partner Zachary Wentz:
“I would love to see Zachary Wentz in Impact Wrestling full time. He’s another one of those Ohio guys doing amazing things. Once given the opportunity to be in Impact, I know that he will soar beyond expectations. For Zachary to be in Impact, I 100% endorse that. Looking forward to standing across or standing beside him in an Impact ring soon.”


On Impact working with external companies like Lucha Underground:
“I think that it is awesome. Unity in wrestling is something that I’ve always hoped would come about more. Instead of us trying to belittle someone else’s craft, lets uplift it! Ultimately, it is bettering overall wrestling. The unity between companies and breaking that 4th wall and it is going to reap beautiful benefits for multiple parties.”


On Impact Wrestling’s new direction under Scott D’Amore and Don Callis:
“I 100% support it. It is moving us towards our ultimate goal which is to be seen by more fans so they can have an appreciation for a different style of wrestling – New stars, new things to be seen! Just, different! We’re here to show you that wrestling is not just one way. There is another way you can have your ice cream, there is another way you can have your pizza, there is another way you can have your chicken wings. There is another way you can enjoy something you’ve been watching for a lot of years. It might be the way that you like it initially but, hey, you might come around to it!”


On his goals in Impact Wrestling going forward:
“(laughs) Number one is to win the X Division championship. Number two is to go down as the greatest X Division champion. And three, who knows? Maybe be a triple crown winner!”

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