Is Cody Rhodes becoming a bigger star outside of WWE?

May 26, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live says that WWE is concerned about All In but because of the event itself but rather the fact that one of their own, Cody Rhodes, is sponsoring the event and became a much more valuable and bigger star than he ever was in WWE.

“They are at a point where they don’t have to fire anybody. And if you look at the situation with All In, the concern is not so much if they fire — let me throw out a random name that’s not being used much, Mike Bennett — I’m not saying they should fire Mike Bennett, I’m just saying him because that’s who everyone emails me about.”

“I mean if they fire him I don’t think they’re gravely concerned that he would get booked for All In and they would sell a bunch of tickets. I think the big concern is one of the 3 guys who is arranging All In is Cody Rhodes who ended up leaving the company and he is a way bigger star than he ever was in WWE.”

(the spotlight)

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