WWE RAW Report 5/21/18

May 21, 2018 - by Marc Middleton

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens live from Albany, NY with Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman and Corey Graves. They hype the show, including the Money In the Bank contract signing between Ronda Rousey and RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax.

– We go right to the ring and JoJo introduces RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. Out he comes to a pop.

Angle welcomes us to RAW and says they have been on a roll lately, and will keep that going tonight. Angle will preside over the Rousey – Jax contract signing. He goes to announce a Money In the Bank qualifying match but out comes RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon to interrupt.

Stephanie says what happened at WrestleMania 34 is water under the bridge, she has no hard feelings against Angle. Stephanie says she will always do what is best for business. Fans chant “you tapped out” and Stephanie admits she did. Stephanie knocks Angle for how he does his job and reveals that she will be the one overseeing the contract signing. She also brings up how Angle has handled Roman Reigns as of late and says it has to stop. The music hits and out comes Reigns to interrupt. Reigns says if Stephanie is going to say something about him, she needs to say it to him. Stephanie doesn’t understand this new attitude from Reigns, the hostility and the tone of his voice. She says he was a leader but if he’s going to continue to let this Samoan temper get the best of him, he might need to look for a new line of work. Reigns says maybe she should watch her tone when talking to him and show some respect or he’ll take his Samoan temper backstage and destroy all of her favorite Superstars. Stephanie says she doesn’t play favorites, she does what’s best for business. She’s a leader who manages multiple revenue streams. She doesn’t play favorites. Reigns wants to talk about her favorite revenue stream – WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. She’s taken his concerns to the top she says. He tells her to cut the corporate crap. He knows she wants him nowhere near the title or the MITB contract. She says he lost his qualifying match so if he wants to take that up with someone, he can take it up with Jinder Mahal. Reigns says he already did.

The music hits again and out comes Kevin Owens to interrupt. Owens rants on Money In the Bank and a win by him being best for business. Owens admits he likes Reigns. He tries to get a “thank you Roman” chant going. Owens defends Stephanie and says she does not have favorites, she just knows talent when she sees it. He barely leans on her shoulder and she tells him to never do that again. Stephanie goes on and makes Reigns vs. Owens for right now. Fans pop and Stephanie leaves as her music hits as they get ready for the match. We go to commercial.

Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

Back from the break and the match is underway as Reigns backs Owens into the corner. The referee backs him off. Owens stalls some before taking Reigns down with a headlock.

Reigns ends up flooring Owens with a big shoulder. Owens goes to the floor and is shocked. Owens returns to the ring but takes his time. Reigns blocks a shot and delivers a big right hand. Reigns beats Owens around the ring now. Owens fights back but Reigns just takes it. Reigns knocks Owens into the corner and mounts him with right hands as fans count along. Owens charges but Reigns drops him with a big right hand. More back and forth now. Owens gets knocked from the top out to the floor. Reigns looks on as the referee counts.

Reigns with more offense as Owens recovers on the floor. Reigns goes out for the Drive By but Owens moves and nails a superkick. Owens rolls Reigns back in and covers for a pin attempt as we go to another commercial.

Back from the break and Reigns has turned it back around as he takes Owens up to the top. Owens knocks Reigns back to the mat. Owens comes down but Reigns delivers a pair of clotheslines and a big right hand off the ropes. Reigns unloads in the corner as fans count along. Reigns misses a big boot and Owens nails a DDT for a 2 count. More back and forth now. Reigns catches Owens in a Samoan Drop for a close 2 count. Reigns misses a Superman punch and Owens rolls him up for a 2 count. Owens sends Reigns into the corner with a big shot. Owens runs for the corner cannonball but Reigns nails the Superman Punch for a close 2 count. Reigns can’t believe it.

Owens ends up dodging a Spear by rolling to the floor. Reigns goes right after him and nails the Spear on the floor for a big pop. Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh run down next and attack Reigns from behind on the floor for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Roman Reigns

– After the bell, Jinder, with taped up ribs, works Reigns over on the floor as the referee warns him. Jinder rolls Reigns back into the ring and continues the assault. Owens returns to the ring for the double team. The music hits and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins for the save. Rollins hits the ring and unloads on all three heels, clearing the ring as we go back to commercial.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens and Jinder Mahal

Back from the break and we’ve got a tag team match as Rollins goes at it with Jinder. Rollins turns it around and sends Jinder to the floor with a dropkick. Rollins launches himself over the top and takes Jinder down on the floor. Rollins brings it back into the ring and Reigns tags in for some double teaming. Reigns with a 2 count on Jinder.

Owens tags in and works Reigns over, talking trash and stomping away. Jinder tags back in and keeps Reigns grounded. Jinder with thrusts in the corner now. Owens tags back in and keeps up the assault on Reigns. Fans rally as Reigns fights to his feet. Reigns turns Owens inside out with a big clothesline. Reigns crawls for the tag but in comes Jinder to stop him. Reigns sends Jinder to the floor. Reigns leaps for the tag but Jinder pulls Rollins off the apron. Owens with a corner cannonball to Reigns. Owens with a 2 count on Reigns as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Owens stomps away on Reigns in the corner as Rollins looks on. Reigns tries to fight back but Owens drops him again for another pin attempt. Owens taunts Rollins and keeps the offense going on Reigns. Reigns tries to power up into a Samoan Drop but can’t. Reigns still manages to drop Owens as fans try to rally for the tag to Rollins. Rollins finally gets the hot tag, springboarding in to take out Jinder as he also comes in.

Rollins unloads on Jinder and hits the Slingblade. Rollins sends Jinder over the top rope to the floor. Rollins goes to run the ropes but Owens grabs his foot and pays for it. Rollins knocks Jinder back to the floor again. Rollins runs the ropes and nails one suicide dive to Owens, then another to Jinder as fans go wild. Rollins brings Jinder back in and hits the Blockbuster for a 2 count. Rollins cranks up for the Blackout curb stomp to Jinder but Singh gets on the apron. Jinder takes advantage and drops Rollins over his knees for a close 2 count.

Jinder goes for The Khallas but it’s blocked with an enziguri. Owens tags in but Rollins drops him into the turnbuckles. Rollins springboards up but Owens catches him and drops him with a Gutbuster. Owens with a spinning bomb from the second rope for another close 2 count as Reigns breaks the pin. Jinder runs in but Reigns rocks him and hits a Samoan Drop. Singh gets on the apron, allowing Owens to superkick Reigns. Owens goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb to Rollins but it’s blocked. Rollins rolls through and superkicks Owens in the face. Owens avoids a stomp but Rollins follows right up with the Blackout for the pin and the win.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

– After the match, Rollins and Reigns stands tall as Rollins’ music hits. We go to replays. Rollins and Reigns walk up the ramp and to the back but stop on the stage to pose for the crowd. Jinder comes from behind with a steel chair and takes them both down, Rollins first. Jinder unloads on Reigns with the chair as referees try to get him to stop. Jinder talks some trash and leaves as officials check on Reigns. Rollins crawls over and slowly gets to his feet next to Reigns. Reigns is up on his knees now as his music hits.

– We go to the announcers. They show us the Bobby Lashley – Renee Young interview from two weeks ago where Lashley talked about his three sisters. Still to come, Sami Zayn will interview Lashley’s sisters in the ring. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Reigns vs. Jinder is confirmed for MITB.

– We go to the ring and out comes Sami Zayn. Sami says we now know that Bobby Lashley’s interview with Renee Young was not truthful. He will prove this with the help of Lashley’s sisters. Sami asks fans to give it up for The Lashley Sisters – Francis, Cathy and Jessica. These are obviously not Lashley’s sisters. It looks like indie wrestlers dressed as women.

Sami thanks the Lashley sisters for joining him. He says he totally sees the trademark Lashley family resemblance. Cathy says Lashley was mean to them as a kid. She’s carrying a broom and talks about how Lashley liked picking on her the most but she beat him away with their mother’s broom. Francis is carrying a helmet and talks about how she started using it because Lashley always thumped her on the head. Sami talks to Jessica next and she’s carrying a towel. Lashley would hurt her feelings as a kid, making her feel so bad that she would cry. A tissue wasn’t enough. He made her cry so much that the towel was soaking wet by the end of the night. Fans are booing now. Sami says we’re starting to get a picture of the real Bobby Lashley, what he’s been saying all along. Cathy says Lashley only loves himself. Francis says their parents hated Lashley, to the point they had to send him to reform school. They also talk about how the community always called police on Lashley because he was a candy thief. This goes on until the music hits and out comes Lashley.

Lashley is all smiles as he jokes about his “sisters” and how they’re still single, their looks. Lashley says Sami is incredible, a great friend and hilarious. Lashley thanks Sami for doing this and says he couldn’t be any better of a friend. Sami says maybe Lashley would like it more if he hit the Helluva Kick and tossed Lashley out of the ring like a piece of garbage because that’s what his family thinks of him – garbage. Sami goes to hurry out of the ring as Lashley stares him down. Lashley grabs him but the “sisters” grab him. Sami joins in for a 4-on-1 attack. They hold Lashley as Sami assaults him. Lashley powers out and levels them all. Lashley takes turns on the sisters and destroys them all as Sami looks on from the ramp. Lashley stands tall and poses as his music hits. Sami throws a fit on the ramp and talks trash back at Lashley.

– We go back to the announcers. They show us the video of Nia Jax challenging Ronda Rousey at the NBCUniversal Upfronts last week in New York City. Rousey and Jax will sign their contract later tonight.

Ember Moon vs. Alexa Bliss

We go to the ring and out comes Ember Moon. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Renee Young is backstage with Alexa Bliss, asking her about the match. Bliss cuts her off and makes an excuse for her previous run-in with Ember, saying tonight she has the element of surprise and will get the win. We see the MITB briefcases hanging high above the ring as Moon waits in the ring. Bliss makes her way out next and Mickie James is with her.

The bell rings and they lock up to trade holds. Bliss slams Moon to the mat and steps on her back a the referee warns her. Bliss stomps Moon’s head into the mat and mocks her. Moon kips up while Bliss is celebrating. They run the ropes and Moon hits a crossbody for a 2 count. Bliss rolls to the floor to regroup with Mickie. Moon ends up sending Bliss flying on the floor with a head scissors. Bliss takes advantage of the distraction by Mickie and sends Moon into the barrier. Bliss brings it back into the ring and keeps Moon down. Moon works on the shoulder and takes Moon back down for a 2 count. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bliss continues to work on the same shoulder. Bliss keeps Moon grounded and talks some trash to her. Moon tries to fight up but Bliss slams her back to the mat and ties the arm up. Ember rolls through for a 2 count to break the hold. Bliss attacks but Moon fights back. Moon with a dropkick. Moon drags Bliss but she hangs on to the apron cover. Mickie takes advantage of the referee being distracted and she comes into the ring. The referee catches her and ejects her to the locker room. Moon drops Mickie as she argues with the referee. Bliss rolls Moon up from behind for a 2 count.

Moon isn’t happy but Bliss turns it back around. Moon fights her off and goes to the top. Moon hits The Eclipse for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ember Moon

– After the match, Moon stands tall and celebrates as Bliss goes to the floor and sits against the ring.

– Stephanie McMahon is backstage when Finn Balor walks in with Braun Strowman, looking for Kurt Angle. Stephanie says this was Kurt’s office but he was nice enough to let her borrow it. She’s made a few changes, including a photo of Vince McMahon on display. Balor and Strowman want a rematch against Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Stephanie says they’re not a real tag team and will be against each other at MITB. Stephanie wonders if Balor blames Braun for coming up short last week. They exchange a look and it sounds like she’s right. Stephanie makes Balor vs. Strowman for tonight. Braun crushes an apple in his hand and says he likes competition.

No Way Jose vs. Baron Corbin

We go to the ring and out comes No Way Jose with his conga line. Back to commercial.

Back from the beak and out comes Baron Corbin. The bell rings and they go at it with Jose unloading on Corbin. Jose blocks a shot and takes out Corbin on the floor. Corbin turns it around and leaps off the apron to take Jose down on the floor. Corbin stomps away on the floor now. Corbin brings it back into the ring and sends Jose into the ring post. Corbin presses Jose’s head into the post with his boot. Corbin with a 2 count.

Corbin keeps Jose grounded in the middle of the ring now. Jose tries to fight up but Corbin brings him back down. Jose tries to rally as he fights back. Corbin shuts him back down. Jose counters and sends Corbin shoulder-first into the ring post this time. More back and forth now. Jose with a big boot and more offense. Jose scoops Corbin on his shoulder and drops him face-first. Corbin kicks out at 2.

Jose waits for Corbin to get up as he winds up for the knockout punch. Corbin counters but Jose rolls him up for a 2 count. Corbin gets right up and catches Jose in a Deep Six. Corbin waits a second and nails End of Days for the pin.

Winner: Baron Corbin

– After the match, Corbin stands tall over Jose as his music plays.

– Kurt Angle is backstage trying to get cell service when Chad Gable approaches. They talk about Gable possibly being in a MITB qualifier when they’re interrupted by Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. Drew says they beat two of the best RAW has to offer last week, Finn Balor and Braun Strowman, and they’d love to do it again but decisions are now above Angle’s pay-grade. Gable says they think they’re special. Drew says because they are as he steps to Gable. Ziggler mocks Gable next. Gable is ready to fight. Angle gets in between them and says they will settle it in the ring tonight. Drew and Ziggler walk off as Gable and Angle look on. Angle calls them jackasses.

The B Team vs. Breezango

We go to the ring and out comes The B Team, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and The B Team waits in the ring as Tyler Breeze and Fandango are out next. We get video from earlier today with The Fashion Police reviewing The B Team’s custom t-shirts. Breeze says they will prove tonight that there is room for just one b-team on RAW. Breeze starts off with Axel and they go at it, trading holds. Axel with a quick pin attempt.

Breeze with a quick pin attempt on Axel next. Axel regroups with Dallas on the floor. He comes back in and tags Axel in. Breeze drops Bo on his face and covers for a 2 count. Fandango tags in and comes off the top while Breeze holds Bo. The B Team ends up double teaming Fandango after Axel tags in. Axel covers for the win out of nowhere after Fandango tried dancing over Bo.

Winners: The B Team

– After the match, Axel and Dallas go wild with the celebration as their music hits. They celebrate hard up the ramp and go to the announce table. Axel crawls all over the announce table while Dallas brags and high-fives Graves, then hugs him. The celebration continues back to ringside and back up the ramp.

– Still to come, the contract signing for Rousey vs. Jax. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon is in the ring, which is set up for a contract signing. She says the world was shocked at the recent challenge heard around the world. She hypes Ronda Rousey vs. RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax for Money In the Bank and introduces the champion first. Out comes Jax with the title.

Stephanie gives some props to Jax and says she has boldly chosen her next opponent. Stephanie introduces Rousey next and out she comes. Rousey taunts Stephanie, asking how her arm is. Stephanie asks if they’d like to have a seat. Stephanie says her arm is great and thanks Rousey for asking. Rousey and Jax take their seats. Stephanie asks Rousey how it feels to leapfrog the entire division, women Rousey has said that are more deserving than her. Rousey knows what Stephanie is trying to do but Jax challenged her. Stephanie wonders why Jax issued the challenge and says Nia is trying to make a name for herself at Ronda’s expense. She gives Rousey props for the WrestleMania 34 debut but says she hasn’t had a singles match yet. She goes on about the size and strength difference. Stephanie says Nia is hoping she will beat Rousey, sending her on her way out of WWE because she doesn’t like losing, and then she will be the baddest woman on the planet, not Rousey.

Stephanie also taunts Nia, asking why it took so long to beat Bliss. Stephanie asks Nia if she’s lazy. This goes on and Ronda declares that she won’t be able to get out of the armbar. Jax says she’s tired of hearing that lazy stuff, she’s been hearing it her whole life. Jax declares that she will beat Ronda at Money In the Bank. Jax signs the contract and stands up. Ronda signs next. Ronda approaches Jax and says she’s happy the truth came out. Ronda extends her hand for a shake and Jax shakes. Ronda says she is going to take the title, still holding Jax’s hand. Stephanie looks on. Rousey says she’s also going to take Jax’s arm. They step a little closer and face off as Ronda’s music hits.

– Still to come, Ziggler vs. Gable. Back to commercial.

Chad Gable vs. Dolph Ziggler

Back from the break and the match is underway as Dolph Ziggler goes at it with Chad Gable. Drew McIntyre looks on from ringside. Gable takes Ziggler to school early on but Ziggler turns it around and connects with a dropkick. Ziggler works Gable over and keeps him grounded in the middle of the ring now. Ziggler drops Gable again for a 2 count.

Ziggler keeps Gable down on the mat with his legs wrapped around. They get back to their feet and Gable tries to fight out. Gable takes Ziggler down and rolls him for a 2 count. Gable with another 2 count with a bridge. Ziggler gets up and goes right for the knee. Ziggler gets fired up but Gable counters. Ziggler blocks a German suplex and hits a neckbreaker. Ziggler runs into an elbow in the corner. Gable avoids a superkick and rolls Ziggler up for another close 2 count.

Gable sends Ziggler face first into the turnbuckles and catches him in a German suplex for a close 2 count. Ziggler ends up suckering Gable into a headbutt and superkicking him for the pin.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

– After the match, Ziggler stands tall as his music hits. McIntyre enters the ring and takes his jacket off. Drew grabs Gable and levels him with a Claymore kick. McIntyre and Ziggler stand tall as we go to replays.

– Still to come, Natalya vs. Dana Brooke vs. Liv Morgan vs. Sarah Logan in a MITB qualifier. Back to commercial.

Money In the Bank Fatal 4 Way Qualifier: Dana Brooke vs. Natalya vs. Liv Morgan vs. Sarah Logan

Back from the break and Dana Brooke waits in the ring as The Riott Squad comes out – Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott. We see the briefcases hanging high above the ring as Natalya makes her way out next.

The bell rings and Liv attacks Natalya while Logan beats down Dana. Liv drops Natalya out of the corner while Logan works on Dana in the other corner. Liv goes to the top but Natalya rocks her. Liv comes off the top and covers Natalya for a 2 count. Logan sends Dana to the apron but Dana fights back. Logan levels Dana. Natalya goes after Logan and nails a snap suplex for a 2 count. Liv comes at Natalya from behind and screams at her. Liv misses in the corner. Natalya slingshots her off the top to the mat. Natalya with more offense and the basement dropkick to Liv for a 2 count.

Logan floors Natalya out of nowhere for a 2 count as Dana breaks the pin. Dana with a clothesline on Logan. Liv with an enziguri on Dana. Dana rolls to the floor for a breather. Liv is alone in the ring with Logan now. They stare each other down and look up at the briefcases. They laugh at each other and go to double team Natalya. Liv talks trash and strikes Natalya while Logan holds her. They switch roles now as Logan drops Natalya with a forearm. Dana ends up pulling Liv to the floor and dropping her hard. Natalya goes at it with Logan in the ring onw. Natalya with the side Russian leg sweep.

Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Ruby provides the distraction. This allows Logan to level Natalya for a 2 count. Dana comes in but Logan destroys her, sending her into the ring post. Logan turns around to the discus clothesline from Natalya. Natalya applies the Sharpshooter and Logan taps out to give Natalya the MITB spot.

Winner: Natalya

– After the match, Natalya stands tall and looks up at the briefcases as we go to replays. Charly Caruso enters the ring to interview Natalya, asking if MITB experience is her greatest asset going into this match. Natalya agrees but says she has Ronda Rousey as her training partner and after MITB they will have new nicknames because Ronda will be the new RAW Women’s Champion while Natalya will be Ms. Money In the Bank. Natalya exits as her music hits.

– Still to come, Elias vs. Bobby Roode. Back to commercial.

Elias vs. Bobby Roode

Back from the break and Elias is in the ring with a spotlight and his guitar. He takes credit for WWE stock being at record highs and takes shots at Albany. The music interrupts and out comes Bobby Roode. Roode does his entrance and goes to take his robe off but Elias attacks from behind and beats him down before the bell.

The bell rings as Roode tells the referee he’s good to go. Roode unloads on Elias to start. Roode keeps control and sends Elias flying over the top rope with a stiff clothesline as fans pop. Roode stands tall as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Elias floors Roode with a clothesline. Elias with more offense and a 2 count. Elias drops Roode again for another close pin attempt. Elias keeps Roode grounded now but Roode fights up. Elias takes him right back to the mat and keeps him there. Roode fights up and out but Elias delivers a knee to the gut. Roode looks to build more momentum now. Elias blocks a neckbreaker but Roode counters that. Roode catches Elias in a big Spinebuster for a close 2 count.

Roode calls for the Glorious DDT now as fans pop. Elias counters and backdrops him for a 2 count. Elias with a knee to the gut. Elias runs into boots in the corner. Roode misses the Blockbuster and may have tweaked his knee as he sells. Roode with a swinging neckbreaker. Roode goes to the top but he’s moving slower than usual. Elias crotches Roode on the top. Elias brings Roode to the mat and nails the Drift Away for the pin and the win.

Winner: Elias

– After the match, Elias stands tall as we go to replays. Elias leaves with his guitar as Roode recovers. Braun Strowman’s music hits as Elias makes his way to the stage. Braun comes running out and drops Elias with a big shoulder. Braun heads to the ring for the main event as we go back to commercial.

Finn Balor vs. Braun Strowman

Back from the break and out comes Finn Balor as Braun Strowman waits in the ring.

The bell rings and they both smile at each other. They meet and go at it, trading shots. Balor tries to bring Strowman down to the mat but Braun overpowers and clubs him in the back. Braun puts Balor back down with a big headbutt. Strowman stalks Balor and whips him hard into the corner. Balor smacks the turnbuckles and goes down. Braun screams out and we get a replay. Braun talks some trash, blaming Balor for getting pinned last week. Braun with another headbutt. Balor finally takes the knee out but Braun is still hobbling around. Braun floors Balor for a pin attempt. Braun tries to shake the left knee pain off as Balor recovers. Braun punts Balor through the ropes to the floor.

Braun follows to the floor and launches Balor back into the ring. Braun steps back into the ring over the top rope and points up at the briefcases, talking more trash to Balor. Braun with a big shot to the gut. Braun continues the assault on Balor while yelling out. Braun charges in the corner but Balor gets his boots up, and again. Braun charges again but Balor moves and he hits the turnbuckles. Balor with a kick to the face and more strikes. Braun just takes the chop, then drops Balor with a headbutt.

Braun with more offense until Balor sends him over the top to the floor. Braun catches Balor in mid-kick from the apron and drops him on his face. Braun comes back into the ring and clubs Balor to the mat. Braun asks Balor if he’s had enough. Braun picks Balor up and says he’s done playing with him. Balor delivers a shot but Braun just knocks him to the mat. Balor rolls to the floor. Braun runs around the ring but Balor meets him with a Slingblade on the floor. Braun goes down and Balor returns to the ring. Balor runs around the ring now and dropkicks Braun over the barrier into the crowd.

Balor rests against the barrier but Braun grabs him from behind. Balor fights Braun off and kicks him in the neck, dropping him at ringside. Balor breaks the count. Balor leaps off the apron with a stomp to the back of the neck on the floor. Balor jumps off the barrier and nails a Coup de Grace on the floor. Balor returns tot he ring as the referee counts on Braun. Braun barely makes it back in before the 10 count. More back and fort now. Braun misses in the corner when charging. Balor dropkicks his head into the buckles. Balor goes to the top for Coup de Grace but Braun grabs him by his throat. Balor slides out and runs the ropes but Braun catches him in a powerslam. Braun drops his straps and scoops Balor for the running powerslam and the pin.

Winner: Braun Strowman

– After the match, Braun stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. The referee checks on Balor but Balor grabs him and takes him to the corner, standing him up against the turnbuckles in an apparent show of respect. Braun looks up at the briefcases and yells out. Braun looks at Balor in the corner before making his exit. RAW goes off the air.

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