Samoa Joe denies he was ever set to be Umaga

May 8, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“It absolutely, positively, couldn’t be any more false. We never talked, like… What people didn’t get is, they couldn’t talk to me legally. I think I still had two years on my contract, I wasn’t going anywhere. So, it’s funny, I think people thought you could just walk away from a deal at that time. You couldn’t. We never talked, I was never even brought up to be Umaga. (In fact) I thought it was mad racist (to be compared) cause it was like, I had just come on TNA and I was Samoa Joe, and it was like this prominently featured Samoan character, and then it was like, oh, well this is WWE’s answer to Samoa Joe, right? No. You wouldn’t do that if it was any other… Right? It was mad racist to me. Why would you come up with that comparative, because he’s like… we weren’t even the same character! We weren’t even remotely anything like each other. But the fact that I was Samoan and he was Samoan, we were the same character. And I was like, what…what are you talking…? That’s the comparison you draw?”


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  1. Tollefaan says:

    They look the same and wrestle the same. And are from the same island

  2. Sgt.Slaughter666 says:

    they look different, umaga had tons of tattoos and always had facepaint, as well as long hair in weird styles and tooth caps. joe has short hair sometimes blond and zero visible tattoos. joe is a submission based style and umaga was a striker. that would be like comparing bray wyatt to kurt angle because they are white dudes from the same country and similar height

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