Matt Sydal Talks His Influence on Impact’s New Direction, Young Bucks Opening Doors, more

May 5, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: “Reborn” Matt Sydal
Date: 05/04/18
Your Host: James Walsh

Namaste, everybody! We bring you an exclusive interview with Matt Sydal, the former WWE Superstar Evan Bourne who is “Reborn” in Impact Wrestling and is currently the reigning and defending X Division Champion!

In this interview (courtesy of the Wrestling Epicenter), Sydal talks about the changes at Impact Wrestling, how more and more wrestlers do the X Division style now, how Wrestling Society X morphed into Lucha Underground, and the current great state of wrestling that gives options and variety to the wrestling viewer.

Plus, lots more!

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On the positive response to the most recent Impact tapings in Orlando:
“Well, all I can tell you about those tapings are these were the tapings where I was most heavily involved. I was integral to these tapings and I really felt like I was able to get what I’ve been trying to say across. As the weeks go on, I think people will be able to enjoy our product, they’ll be able to log on, they can watch on POP! I always stand behind the things that I do. I don’t listen to those who downplay things nor do I pay attention to those who grovel at our feet and tell us that we’re the greatest. For me, that is just noise. I’m out there to produce the best content – The most creative content I can do and express myself through wrestling. If you watch what happened at these tapings, if you’re a fan of wrestling, you’ve got something to watch! I don’t know hwo much time you have got in your week to watch wrestling – Quite frankly, you’d be better off walking around a park with your phone not in your hand. But, when you’re done with that, come inside and watch Impact.”

On the changed feeling backstage at Impact at the last tapings:
“One different thing that I can tell you about backstage was, there were a lot of monitor sell outs this taping. People really wanted to see what was happening in the ring. The production is coming together, the production looks great. Impact is jsut always improving at all angles. There is a lot of creativity and thought that goes into everything. I’m happy to be a part of it as we move forward. And, I’m happy to move things in the wild direction! I am able to move things and steer things into a direction I’ve wanted to for my whole career.”

Comparing his runs with Ring of Honor, WWE, & his current run with Impact:
“That’s the thing. I always love the locker rooms that I end up in. There is so much great talent. (In WWE) I had so many awesome matches with the Usos, Primo and Epico, me and Kofi tore it up for years. I’ve wrestled Chavo. I’ve wrestled Jericho! I had so many awesome matches there (WWE). In Ring of Honor, I had such awesome matches with Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles both before and after my turn with WWE. I mean, working with Will Ospreay before he broke out of England, working with him in Japan. Marty (Scurl), The Bucks! I’ve just been forever super lucky. So, in this Impact locker room, we’ve got some insane talent. Guys you need to keep your eye on are Desmond Xavier and Zach Wentz, the oVe guys are killing it. LAX and oVe had this insane feud! Brian Cage, Austin Aries, John Morrison (Impact) is returning from a secret location that may not be disclosed… All you can do is keep swinging for the fences. Whether it is good or bad, it all comes from a good place. I’m glad Josh (Mathews) thought these tapings were good. Clearly his spiritual path is right and he’s got his third eye open. I expect everybody else to do the same.

On his highly praised and clean win over Petey Williams at Redemption:
“Yeah, well, you definitely bet on the wrong horse there, pal! Petey Williams is a guy who made his career trying to break my neck. He made a name for himself. I decided that Sunday at Redemption, I was going to use him to make my stand in the X Division. You can be the champion – That’s great. But, you have to defend your title. That is a defense I’m proud of and stand behind. My next challenger is the guy I won the X Division title off of named Ishimori. This is why I’m here! I want to be the apex of the kinds of matches. I want to be the circle that everybody has to pass through if they want to make a name for themselves. You know, good nice try by Petey. Not this time.”

On being X Division Champion:
“I can tell you this about this belt. I’m attached to it. It’s attached to me.”

On every wrestler now working what was considered the “X Division” Style in 2002:
“Well, I think that if everybody is doing that style then there are a few people who truly embody it and everybody else is just an immitator. What you have is a bunch of people who will forever be my challengers and somebody like me who truly embodies the OG, the original stylings of the X Division. That’s me. I am that man! Of course the X Division title found me. Yeah, the belt has been through a lot of incarnations. But, what it has is a liniage that you can stand behind. A liniage that you can believe in. A liniage that is what wrestling is today. I am NOT like any other wrestler. I’ll tell you something about me, I don’t even watch any other wrestling. Not one bit. I’m not influenced by anyone else at all except myself. All my influences come from looking inward, not externally. So, if everybody wants to do the X Division style then they will be left behind in my dust because I am doing the newest style because as the X Division Champion, I set the pace. This X Division is getting pretty psychedelic! I like the way it is looking!”

On if Wrestling Society X Would Have Worked Better Now:
“Well, I think it is around now. It is called Lucha Underground. It was a trial phase. It is a lot of the same people. It was a West Coast show with a lot of West Coast producers. They just had a lot of years between WSX to now to learn and grow and find new stars. All the people who were on WSX Season 1 are the life blood of the alternative wrestling business and now the mainstream wrestling business as well. That is what Lucha Underground is doing. They are taking guys who belong in that mainstream and are giving them the exposure and the respect and the connection to the audience that they deserve. Hopefully they’re getting paid! For me, I just like seeing these guys getting paid!”

On the wrestling scene now with so many options for talent:
“I just want to thank the Young Bucks for all the houses. That was cool of them and all the guys from New Japan that popped this generation. I remember when I had just left WWE and I was wrestling in England and Germany, I could just tell that this onflux of this new wave of wrestling was coming much like it felt when I began wrestling back in ’99. What was coming out of England was original acts, people doing it on their own, people not looking for permission. The ECW mentality was reborn! Those guys generated new crowds that are generating a new era of wrestling where the underground is the overground. The Internet has given pure equality to everyone. THe cream rises to the top. It is the era of not take a job but create your own job. That carries over from wrestling to fans at home and whatever they want to do with their lives. Be more like the Young Bucks! The #1 thing they we did, when they told us not to try it at home, we did! When people told us “no”, we knew that they were wrong and we were right. We should try it home, we do understand it. And, we indeed understand it mroe than anyone else. That way when we put on our performances, we connect deeper than anyone else has to this date. Wrestling continues to be an excitement generating monster. You go to a Ring of Honor show to watch the Young Bucks. You go to an Impact Wrestling show to watch Pentagon, Fenix, me (Matt Sydal), Brian Cage, John Morrison (Impact). You’re never going to run out of incredible wrestling to watch! It is an era of abundance and we’re all lucky to be a part of it!”

On the future of Impact Wrestling:
“I think the most important thing is for everyone to open their third eye and see things from a higher perspective. Things are not going to be what is expected. The way things will be presented will be different than ever before. The opposite of everything you’ve ever seen can be expected because that is the way I will be producing. I will be the person to keep the spotlight on. Keep that fog machine on, for the love of God! Everybody’s going to tune in to the song I”m singing. Everybody’s going to move with the beat. The third eye is open. Everybody’s going to get the transmission. I’ve always said “Wrestling is a chance to find the others”. Lets just say Timotthy Leary said that first. Find the others, stick with them. We’re all stronger together!”

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