Triple H on running a PPV in the UK: “we’ll get there”

May 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Triple H recently spoke with Sky Sports about the possibility of WWE hosting a pay-per-view event in the United Kingdom.

Here are the highlights…

On Possibly Bringing a PPV to The UK:

You guys are obsessed with that! And you should be. This is an open opportunity for all the markets outside of (the US) The time frame for when we run things in the U.S. doesn’t work for a lot of places in the world. This opens up a lot of opportunities to put things in a localised time format for the wrestling globe – especially the UK where the desire’s very high. Getting things down to work in a reasonable manner with a reasonable cost, in a reasonable time slot is really what it’s all about to us but it is definitely something we’re working towards.

On the Difficulties of Doing a UK PPV:

When people say, “I don’t understand, just do the show.” We run 560 live events a year, we do an average of 9-10 live events a week. They are planned out a year or sometimes longer in advance. Putting those pieces together, one change dramatically affects the entire puzzle so it’s just a process that we’re going through but absolutely we will get there, it’s just, I’m sure for everyone that’s waiting, it seems to be forever, but we’ll get there. It’s not a matter of IF we can overcome the obstacles, it’s a matter of when and getting them all lined up.


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