Linda McMahon talks about what she learned from an early business bankruptcy

May 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“The bankruptcy came as a result of our taking some few dollars that we had saved early on and investing in a couple of businesses that we didn’t know anything about instead of sticking to what we knew and growing that company. We didn’t really know the safeguards to really look for. We were relying on someone else whose opinion we respected at the time for those kinds of investments, and they just didn’t work. We partnered with some folks who weren’t quite the business partners we expected them to be. Words to the wise. We were very young and we learned our lessons early on. Watch out, stick to what you know, have that focus, have that business plan and go for it. When you’re really a young company and when you’re really starting, you have to focus. It’s 24 hours attention to what you’re doing, and stick to your knitting. Do what you know. I’ve always said it’s really not how you fall, but it’s how you get back up, and you just keep doing it.”


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