Mark Henry isn’t surprised Daniel Bryan set a record in the Greatest Royal Rumble

May 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Gladiator. Dude is always in shape. It’s different to get into the ring though, but knowing Daniel like I know Daniel, Daniel got in the ring with somebody, and he went that amount of time. He had an hour workout. Let’s dance and just get in there and go. That’s the mark of a champion, somebody that prepares for what’s going to happen. I think Daniel is one of those; it was no surprise to me that he was able to do that. Even when your body gives out, he’s got incredible will, so I know that Daniel was able to get the training in, but also go out there and shine and give fans what they want. His chest did look like hamburger meat; I’m still at a loss for words. If somebody were to chop me like that, they would have a ‘Clean up on aisle 9.’ I’m going to tell you right now, they would still be trying to get the blood out. I just could not believe it. I saw him and I was like ‘What the… what happened?'”

source: Busted Open Radio

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