Stephanie McMahon on branding to sports entertainment, and the company’s WWE era

Apr 30, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Stephanie McMahon made the following comments during WWE’s annual Business Partner Summit during Wrestlemania 34 week:

On the topic of WWE rebranding, she said:

“Advertisers either had an adverse reaction to the words ‘professional wrestling,’ or they simply didn’t understand what it was. So, how could we create a term or a label that potential partners could understand? How could we describe the WWE was based on larger-than-life characters enthralled in relatable storylines? That was when we coined the term ‘sports entertainment’.”

Stephanie also commented on the PG era of WWE. She added:

“10 years ago, WWE once again reimagined our content and made the strategic decision to become more family-friendly, to grow our multi-generational audience and attract more blue-chip partners. Looking around the room here today, it’s easy to see that this strategy worked.”


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