Jerry Lawler talks about finding out he’d work a match with Joey Ryan

Apr 29, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Here’s what I was told. We are gonna have a wrestler there dressed like Andy Kaufman and he’s gonna go out and be dressed in the whole Kaufmann…routine and he’s gonna do the whole Kauffman bit…then he was gonna start challenging women in the audience to come out and fight him – I wasn’t even advertised – then boom all of a sudden they play my music and I come out and confront this guy and then I piledrive him or do whatever and have the reenactment of the Andy Kaufman match. I said, ‘That’s cool, whatever.’ When I got there – they didn’t even tell me who I was gonna wrestle, I had no idea…Hurricane Helms was one of the agent and he was going around telling everybody who they were wrestling and what they are gonna do. Out of the blue, he comes up to me and asks, ‘Did anybody tell you anything about who you were wrestling tonight.’ I said, ‘No, somebody told me about the Andy Kaufman thing.’ So then he starts to tell me that it’s Joey Ryan and he asks if I know Joey Ryan. I said, ‘No.’ Then he says that he is the guy that does the super penis gimmick. Now I had heard about this guy; but, I never met him. I don’t know him and I say, ‘My gosh, he’s the guy that throws people around with his penis, right?’ He says, ‘Yeah.’ I tell him, ‘Well, I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m not gonna be thrown around by anybody’s penis. As a matter of fact I just had a stroke just four days ago and was out of the hospital just two days ago and don’t want to go back after being thrown by a penis.”

source: Dinner with the King

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