WWE likely to establish multiple performance centers

Apr 26, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE Planning NXT Expansion Through ‘Global Localization’ of Performance Centers & Regional Territories

The plan to expand falls under what Triple H calls ‘global localization’ — a term he’s actually trademarking — where WWE will establish performance centers and NXT style brands in local markets around the world.

The global expansion will look to build home grown talent from markets in Europe, Asia, and numerous other places around the world.

As Triple H revealed during his chat with those in attendance, 80-percent of the current WWE roster came from NXT, which serves as all the proof he needs to show that this expansion is not only good for the organization, it’s absolutely necessary to continue building the brand on a global scale.

There’s no word yet when WWE plans to launch these new performances centers and NXT type brands, but obviously plans are already underway with the return of the U.K. tournament in June.

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