Spoilers: 4/25/18 Impact Wrestling TV taping results

Apr 26, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

* Xplosion Match: Petey Williams defeats Jake Crist.


Eli Drake appears in a Fact of Life segment. Drake says he took care of a big problem in Scott Steiner, then lists the top five “dummies” in Impact Wrestling. The list was Impact’s fans, Austin Aries, Impact’s management, the fans of Impact (again) and Moose.

It was announced that Moose will face Eli Drake at some point, with the winner facing Austin Aries at Slammiversary. Moose came out and cut a promo about how Drake lost all his championships. Drake cheap shotted Moose and then laid him out.

* LAX defeated the Cult of Lee. Eddie Kingston has joined LAX as its latest member.
* Taya Valkyrie defeated Rebel. Valkyrie welcomes Madison Rayne back to Taya’s Kingdom and says that next week, she will show Rayne why she’s Lucha and Knockouts Royalty.

* Brian Cage defeated Dezmond Xavier.
* Madison Rayne defeated Tessa Blanchard.
* The Cult of Lee defeated KM & Fallah Bahh after Fallah accidentally hit KM with a Samoan drop. KM pushed Fallah down after the match, saying he;ll always be a loser.

* Xplosion Match: Katarina Leigh defeated Scarlett Bordeaux.

* Brian Cage defeated Rohit Raju. After the match Matt Sydal came out and said that Cage has strength, but when he looks at Cage through his third eye he sees inner weakness. He says he cam make Cage the strongest he’s ever been, and all Cage has to do is forego his X-Division title shot. Cage responded by giving Sydal an F5.
* Z & E defeated Drago & Aerostar. Aerostar appeared to be hurt after the match. Sonjay Dutt, Taya Valkyrie, and Scott D’Amore came out to the ring; according to the report, Aerostar’s legs were moving but he needed help getting up. He walked to the back with some help.
* Moose defeats Kongo Kong.
* Eli Drake defeats Scott Steiner.
* Moose defeats Kongo Kong.
* Eli Drake defeats Scott Steiner.
* X-Division Championship Match: Matt Sydal defeats El Hijo Del Fantasma.

* Xplosion Match: Grado defeats Rohit Raju

source: Jacob Cohen

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