4/24/18 WWE 205 Live Recap

Apr 25, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

source: Wrestling Observer

Drake Maverick opened the show by hyping up tonight’s gauntlet match in another one of his Sonny Crockett outfits.

Drew Gulak said he’ll tap anyone who steps to him, while Tony Nese said his conditioning means he’ll win. Kalisto vowed to win for the Lucha House Party, TJP said he’ll prove his Cruiserweight Classic skills can apply to a gauntlet, and Ali wants to get redemption for WrestleMania. Nigel McGuinness is back, making it a three-man booth with Vic Joseph and Percy Watson. McGuinness ran down the rules of a gauntlet match.

Ali entered for the gauntlet — so for him to win, he’ll have to go bell-to-bell. TJP was out as his first opponent.

Gauntlet match: Mustafa Ali defeated TJP

TJP muscled Ali into the ropes before dabbing off a clean break. Ali took him down with an arm drag before a back-and-forth cradle sequence got two for both men. During the match, Cedric Alexander chatted backstage about how Buddy Murphy disrespected the division by not making weight last week.

TJP hit the outside-in hilo and locked on a straightjacket choke-assisted backbreaker. He then locked on a Bromission, but Ali escaped and landed a somersault X-Factor for two. TJP got the kneebar and Ali made it to the ropes. Ali hit a diving tornado DDT, landed an 054, and pinned TJP to eliminate him from the gauntlet. Gulak was the next wrestler out.

Gauntlet match: Drew Gulak defeated Mustafa Ali

Gulak came out salivating at the thought of going after Ali’s injured knee. Ali rushed at him, so Gulak tossed his knee into the ropes. Ali got a crossbody, but Gulak rolled through and applied a half-crab. Ali cradles him for two but ate a discus lariat.

Ali hit a series of elbow shots to the jaw and went for a rana, but Gulak turned it into a half-crab before adding an armbar to it. Ali escaped and locked Drew in a half-crab of his own while sitting on the top rope. Ali connected with a gorgeous crossbody off the top to the floor.

Ali landed the same corkscrew DDT that he used on TJP, but he couldn’t get up top for the 054 this time. He got tossed off the top rope, and Gulak locked on the Gu-Lock to end it. Tony Nese was then out to face Gulak.

Gauntlet match: Drew Gulak defeated Tony Nese

Nese dominated him with stomps and kicks to start. They fought on the floor with chops, and Nese tossed Gulak into the announcing area. He went for a double-jump Lionsault, but Gulak escaped.

Nese demolished Gulak in the corner and they teased a stoppage off a running knee before he went for the running knee again. Gulak avoided it and played possum, locking on the Gu-Lock. Nese tapped out, so he’s gone.

Kalisto entered as the final entrant in the gauntlet.

Gauntlet match: Kalisto defeated Drew Gulak to earn a Cruiserweight title shot at the Greatest Royal Rumble

Kalisto tried to start off fast with a dive, but Gulak tossed him into the barricade. Gulak stomped away at each part of his body — akin to Ron Garvin or Randy Orton nowadays. Kalisto used his speed to evade, but he missed a dive and got put in the Gu-Lock.

Kalisto attempted to turn it into the Salida Del Sol, but instead snapmared Gulak into the buckle before hitting the SDS to move on to the Greatest Royal Rumble. The Lucha House Party came in to celebrate and then Alexander came out to clap for him.

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