Apr 22, 2018 - by Adam Martin

Impact Redemption Results
April 22, 2018
Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
by Adam Martin,

We are live from Orlando.

Drago is out first to kick off the show.

Josh Mathews will be joined by Don Callis on commentary tonight.
Drago vs. Aerostar

Mathews mentions the return of Lucha Underground on commentary before the match.

Lock up and counters early between the two. Drago catches Aerostar with a kick to the gut. Loud “LUCHA” chants from the crowd tonight in Orlando. Aerostar catches Drago with a kick to the face from the ring apron and catches Drago with a twisting corkscrew off the top rope. Aerostar with a snap huricanrana that sends Drago out. Aerostar jumps off the top turnbuckle and catches Drago with a dive to the outside. Drago with a dropkick sending Aerostar back and then follows it up with a superkick. Drago catches Aerostar with a big kick to the back of the head. Drago with a stiff forearm, but misses a charge and falls to the outside. Aerostar with a crazy springboard trust fall off the ropes. Double clothesline and both men are down. Orlando crowd is really into the opener. Drago drops Aerostar over the top rope and then down into a DDT for a two count off a pinfall attempt. Aerostar with a suicide dive that catches Drago. Drago with a dropping kick to the head. Drago plants Aerostar with a quick powerbomb. Aerostar with a quick cutter/RKO. Aerostar springboards off the ropes and trips up, but lands on his feet. Aerostar with a kick to the face of Drago from the ring apron. Aerostar with a springboard off the second rope connecting with a modified Codebreaker to the face of Drago. Aerostar covers Drago to pick up the win.
Winner: Aerostar

Backstage, Josh Mathews is talking with X Division Champion Matt Sydal and why he no longer needs his help. Sydal agrees he is can do this on his own.

Back live, Don Callis is not impressed with the advice Mathews gave Sydal tonight.

A video package runs focusing on tonight’s Impact Tag Team Championship match.

Backstage, LAX are playing cards. Santana gets a phone call that they “got” Konnan. Ortiz tells Santana to calm down and handle business tonight.
Impact Tag Team Championships
LAX (c’s) vs. Eli Drake and Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner is already arguing and firing up the crowd in Orlando tonight.

The bell rings and here we go. Loud “LAX” chant. We start with Eli Drake and Santana. Drake backs Santana to the corner. Santana slaps back and connects with a kick to the head. Santana catches Drake with a quick dropkick off the ropes. Tag to Ortiz as Steiner steps in. Drake fights off LAX in the corner, but Santana hits an atomic drop and double elbows with Ortiz. Santana with a standing moonsault over Drake as Ortiz gets a cover for a two count. Tag to Steiner who takes an uppercut from Ortiz. Steiner tosses Ortiz to the ropes and Drake pulls down the ropes to send Ortiz over. Drake with rights to Ortiz on the outside. Drake sends Ortiz back first into the ring as Steiner distracts the referee. Steiner with a belly-to-belly on Ortiz. Steiner tosses Ortiz out again and then plants Santana face first when he jumps in. Drake tosses Ortiz in and Steiner drops him down face first. Steiner yells, “Get up bitches!” Steiner with a double clothesline to LAX. Steiner and Drake drop double elbows over LAX as Drake gets the official tag back in working over Ortiz. Tag back to Steiner who irish whips Drake into Ortiz who gets an elbow up. Ortiz with a DDT to Steiner. Santana with the tag who drops Drake with a rolling cutter and gets splashes over Drake with help from Ortiz. Steiner breaks up the pinfall attempt by Santana. Steiner with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Ortiz and Santana. Santana gets a boot up catching Steiner in the corner. Steiner crotches Santana up top. Frankensteiner on Santana! Steiner Recliner on Santana and Ortiz breaks it up. Santana with a superkick to Drake after he pulled off an inverted DDT on Ortiz. Santana with a right to Drake, goes up top, Drake jumps up, Ortiz breaks it up, gets Drake on his shoulders, but Santana dives to take out Steiner instead on the outside. Near referee bump allowing Drake to hit the Gravy Train on Ortiz. Drake covers Ortiz and picks up the win. We have new champions!
Winners and new Impact Tag Team Champions: Eli Drake and Scott Steiner

Backstage, Pentagon Jr. cuts a promo about tonight’s main event.
Six Way Match
Trevor Lee vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Taiji Ishimori vs. El Hijo Del Fantasma vs. DJZ vs. Brian Cage

This match will be contested under lucha rules.

We start with DJZ and Dezmond Xavier. Lots of counters early between the two. Xavier with a kicks to the chest of DJZ and follows up with a big dropkick. DJZ dives out and takes out Ishimori. This allows Trevor Lee to jump in and get tossed out by Xavier. Fantasma is in, gets tossed to the ring apron, jumps back in and catches Xavier with a huricanrana takedown. DJZ springboards back in taking out Xavier taking Fantasma out. Fantasma and Ishimori are now in. Fantasma with a jumping superkick to Irshimori sending him out. Lee kicks DJZ on his way in with a springboard. Lee with a big shot to Cage distracting the referee to let Lee choke DJZ. DJZ with a small package cover on Lee for a two count. Lee rakes the back of DJZ propping him up top. Lee drops DJZ down a back suplex. Cage is now in and walks slowly towards Lee. Cage launches Lee into the corner and throws repeated wrap around clotheslines. Cage is busted open over his nose as he launches Xavier with a high back body drop. Cage boots Fantasma and hits a release german suplex combo. Cage catches Ishimori, plants him down, misses a springboard moonsault, jumps back off and this time connects with a moonsault. Xavier is tossing out kicks. Ishimori with a flipping kick to Xavier. Ishimori catches Cage with a springboard moonsault to the outside. Lee with a kick to the face of Ishimori. DJZ with a springboard DDT off the back of Xavier pulling Lee to the outside. Xavier with a snapmare into a dropkick to Fantasma. Fantasma eats a superkick from DJZ. DJZ powerbombs Fantasma off the corner. Ishimori with a kick to the face of DJZ. Cage levels DJZ and Ishimori with a clothesline. Cage has Xavier up, catches Fantasma and drops them both back! Cage with a big knee to Lee, but Lee counters a cross-body attempt getting a two count. Xavier with a hand spring into a mid kick connecting right on Lee’s head. Fantasma dropkicks Xavier out. Fantasma with a suicide dive to Xavier and tosses him back in. DJZ with a top rope huricanrana on Fantasma. Cage drives Ishimori down face first. Fantasma walks up with a kick to Cage. DJZ with a DDT to Fantasma. Lee with a double stomp to DJZ. Cage destroys Lee with a big clothesline. Cage with snake eyes to Xavier and hits the Drill Claw for the pinfall.
Winner: Brian Cage

Backstage, Impact Knockouts Champion Allie talks about fighting for herself tonight.
Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan

Taya walks up and starts slapping Hogan on the head. Taya pushes Hogan back to the corner. Hogan with elbows to Taya. Taya levels Hogan with a quick clothesline. Hogan catches Taya with boots to the face and then a huricanrana takedown. Hogan with a dropkick sending Taya out of the ring. Tessa Blanchard shows up at the announce table joining Callis and Mathews. Hogan sends Taya into the steel ring post. Taya and Hogan exchange slaps near the corner. Taya blocks a huricanrana attempt by Hogan and powerbombs her back into the corner. Taya plants Hogan with a side slam for a two count. Taya with a big lifting knee to Hogan. Hogan kicks out. Hogan catches Taya with a pair of jumping clotheslines. Hogan with a senton splash over Taya when Taya avoided a kick to the head. Hogan drops boots over the lower back of Taya in the corner. Taya is throwing big forearms to Hogan in the corner. Hogan with a superkick to the head of Taya. Taya connects with her Road to Valhalla finisher dropping Hogan down face first to get the win.
Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Backstage, we get a Petey Williams and Scott Steiner reunion.
Impact X Division Championship
Matt Sydal (c) vs. Petey Williams

Series of counters early between Sydal and Williams. Williams with a quick chop in the corner as the crowd in Orlando starts up a loud “PETEY” chant. Williams with a snap tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Sydal. Williams with a second rope huricanrana for a two count. Sydal throws big kicks to the left leg of Williams. Williams with a dropkick to the lower back of Sydal against the ropes. Williams gets Sydal in the tree of woe and he does his “OH CANADA” taunt. Williams works the right leg of Sydal applying a single leg Boston Crab. Sydal catches Williams with a spin kick as he comes off the ropes. Sydal catches Williams with a standing moonsault resulting in a two count. Williams with a modified Codebreaker springboarding back in and follows up with a side russian leg sweep into a crucifix pinfall for a two count. Williams again drops Sydal down face first on the mat. Sydal with a quick jumping kick to the head and crashes into Williams in the corner. Williams gets the Sharpshooter applied on Sydal. Sydal is reaching for the ropes and Williams pulls back on his arm to prevent it. Sydal breaks free and gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Sydal is standing on the ring apron and Williams springboards over the top rope connecting with another Codebreaker. Back inside, Sydal catches Williams with a knee to the chin. Williams gets knees up in the corner, but when he stands up Sydal hits a huricanrana! Sydal is going up top, jumps attempting a Shooting Star Press, but Williams gets his knees up. Williams connects with the Canadian Destroyer. Sydal immediately rolls out of the ring. Williams rolls Sydal back inside. Williams is going back up top. Williams is calling for a super Canadian Destroyer off the corner. Sydal tosses Williams back into the ring. Sydal is back up top, jumps and misses a Shooting Star Press landing on his feet when Williams moves. Sydal then catches Williams with a pump handle counter into a pinfall to retain his title.
Winner and still Impact X Division Champion: Matt Sydal
Backstage, Tommy Dreamer tells Moose and Eddie Edwards they will get redemption tonight against oVe.
House of Hardcore Match
oVe vs. Moose, Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer

Jake Crist flips out and gets powerbombed right into the ring immediately by Moose, Edwards and Dreamer. Dreamer with a baseball slide into Jake and Sami Callihan. Dreamer spits soda in the face of Callihan. Edwards takes out Callihan with a trash can lid. Dreamer crashes two soda bottles over the head of Dave Crist. “ECW” chants in Orlando. Edwards takes out Dave on the outside. Inside the ring, Dreamer crashes a cookie sheet over the head of Jay. Dreamer uses a kendo stick to hit an overhead suplex. Dreamer puts Jay in a tree of woe and puts a trash can over his face. Callihan with a big boot when Dreamer goes to charge in. Edwards bounces a steel chair off the head of Callihan. Edwards swings a chair in the face of Jay who was still in the tree of woe with the can over his face. Callihan sets up a steel chair and he gives Edwards an overhead suplex over the chair! Edwards is favoring his left knee right away. Moose dumps Callihan out over a ladder. Moose hits the ropes, flips over the top rope, Callihan moves and Moose crashes over the ladder. Edwards and Dreamer put boston crabs on Jake and Dave. Callihan breaks it up with a kendo stick. Callihan tackles Edwards and starts throwing lefts and rights. oVe all take out Dreamer. Jake and Dave grab tables on the outside and set them up near the ring. Edwards is trying to fight off oVe in the corner. Callihan slams a trash can over the head of Edwards. Callihan stacks up steel chairs. Dave has Edwards on his shoulders. Callihan puts Jake on his shoulders. Jake grabs Edwards and gives him a cutter over the chairs. Moose is in hitting oVe with a trash can to break it up. Moose with a big dropkick to Dave and shot to Callihan who was up on the top rope. Moose puts a trash can over Jake, backs up, charges and dropkicks him. Dave has duct tape and starts choking Edwards with it. Dreamer with a Death Valley Driver on Callihan through a table at ringside! Dave pours thumbtacks out on the mat. Moose sends Jake into the ring post. Moose has Dave on his shoulders. Edwards with a jumping knee/leg drop to Dave over the thumbtacks! Dreamer pulls Jake out and puts him on the tables at ringside. Callihan throws Dreamer head first into a table at ringside. Moose is getting up on the top rope near the tables. Moose jumps and Jake jumps in last minute to give Moose a cutter through the tables over Dave. Inside the ring, Callihan is raking the eyes of Edwards and connects with a facebuster driver to the knee. Callihan has the baseball bat. Dreamer is now in with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. They connect, Callihan drops his bat and Dreamer hits Callihan in the gut with his bat. Dreamer with a DDT on Callihan. Callihan with a low blow to Dreamer and gets the pinfall.
Winners: oVe

After the match, Eddie Edwards tackles Sami Callihan and presses the barbed wire bat against his forehead. Callihan is busted open. Edwards grabs the duct tape and starts taping the arms of Callihan against the ropes. Callihan spits blood in the face of Edwards. Edwards with a knee low blow to Callihan. Edwards wipes the blood of Callihan on his face. Edwards starts hitting Callihan with a kendo stick repeatedly. Edwards then hits the referee with the kendo stick when he tells him to stop. Tommy Dreamer is trying to get Edwards to stop. Edwards shoves Dreamer to the ground and cracks the kendo stick over the head of Callihan. Edwards loses hit taking out Jake and Dave with the kendo stick. Edwards’ wife runs down and grabs him to stop. He turns and accidentally hits her with the stick. Dreamer jumps up and starts to check on her. He yells at Edwards for screwing up.

Backstage, we hear from Fenix about tonight’s main event triple threat match.

Backstage, Impact World Champion Austin Aries is asked about tonight’s main event. He talks about things constantly changing in Impact and how life is unpredictable.
Impact Knockouts Championship
Allie (c) vs. Su Yung w/ Braxton Sutter

Before the match, Allie gets in the face of Braxton Sutter telling him to get out of the ring. Su Yung runs forward and pushes Sutter into Allie to get the match started.

The bell ring and Allie connects with a Lou Thesz Press with a few right hands. Allie with kicks to Yung in the corner. Allie with a suplex on Yung into the corner. Sutter pulls Yung out of the ring when Allie gets her setup in the corner. Allie is going up top as Yung distracts the referee. Sutter trips up Allie dropping her down in the tree of woe. Yung with a reverse neckbreaker on Allie from the tree of woe position for a two count. Yung pulls out a glove covered in blood and puts it on. Allie with a Codebreaker to Yung. Allie with a DDT to Yung in the corner. Allie with big forearms to Yung and a series of clotheslines. Allie with a sliding sitdown clothesline to Yung in the corner. Allie with a side russian leg sweep for a two count. Allie catches Yung with a quick superkick. Sutter jumps up on the ring apron when Allie crawls over to make a pinfall attempt. Allie tries to slap Sutter. Sutter blocks it. Allie this time connects with a slap and Sutter falls to the outside. Yung has Allie up, Allie counters and falls down into a roll up to get the pinfall to retain.
Winner and still Impact Knockouts Champion: Allie

After the match, Braxton Sutter gets on commentary and says he knows how to fix this with Su Yung. Sutter gets down on his knee and asks Yung to marry him. Yung gives a slight smile, helps Sutter up and spits blood in his face. Yung then gives Sutter the mandible claw to Sutter using her bloody glove.

Slammiversary will take place on July 22 in Toronto from The Rebel Complex.

A video package runs hyping tonight’s main event.
Impact World Championship
Triple Threat Match
Austin Aries (c) vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix

We get ring introductions for the challengers Pentagon Jr. and Fenix and the current Impact World Champion Champion Austin Aries.

We get another Lucha Underground reminder as the main event kicks off with Aries tossing out chops to Pentagon and Fenix. Pentagon and Fenix attempt a double superkick, but Aries stops himself and quickly rolls out of the ring. Fenix knocks Aries off the ring apron. Pentagon with an inverted Sling Blade taking down Fenix. Fenix with a step up side kick to Aries and then drops Pentagon with a big cutter. Aries with his Last Chancery submission and Fenix jumps from the top rope to break it up. Fenix with a big chop to Aries in the corner. Aries with a chop of his own. Fenix returns with another chop. Aries with a delayed elbow to the spine of Fenix jumping off the second rope. Pentagon takes out Fenix with a superkick. Aries with a modified bulldog. Aries has Pentagon in the Last Chancery submission and Fenix breaks it up. Fenix sends Aries over the top rope and Aries takes out Pentagon with a huricanrana! Fenix with a springboard twisting corkscrew after a few failed attempts to springboard off the top turnbuckle. Fenix with a huge swanton bomb and Aries is in to break up the pinfall attempt. Pentagon with a german suplex on Aries to break up a Brainbuster attempt on Fenix. Aries with elbows. Fenix with chops. Aries with a big twisting elbow that levels Fenix. Aries dumps Fenix over his head. Aries with his charging dropkick in the corner catching Fenix. Pentagon with a kick to the face of Aries to send him flying to the outside. Fenix is favoring his ribs. Fenix with a series of shots to Pentagon, but Pentagon cuts him off with a superkick. Fenix with a huge uppercut to Pentagon. Fenix drops Pentagon with a spinning muscle buster for a two count. Pentagon plants Fenix with a sitdown driver and Aries breaks it up. Pentagon avoids a Brainbuster attempt by Aries, but Aries catches him with a big elbow. Aries drops Pentagon with a neckbreaker over the second rope from the ring apron. Pentagon catches Fenix with a superkick when he jumps off the steel steps. Pentagon catches Aries when he attempts a suicide dive. Aries tosses Pentagon into the crowd over the barricade. Aries tosses Fenix and Pentagon both back inside the ring. Aries is going up top. Aries connects with a double 450 splash over Fenix and Pentagon! Both Fenix and Pentagon kick out. Aries with running dropkicks to both Pentagon and Fenix in separate corners. Pentagon and Fenix with superkicks to Aries. They both hit a double superkick to the head of Aries in the middle of the ring. Pentagon levels Fenix with a superkick. Pentagon has Fenix over his back. Aries is under Pentagon. Pentagon drops Fenix and Aries with a piledriver. Pentagon grabs the arm of Aries and snaps back. Pentagon driver on Aries on the mat and gets the pinfall for the win.

We have a new Impact World Champion!
Winner and new Impact World Champion: Pentagon Jr.

Quick Match Results:

* Aerostar def. Drago
* Eli Drake and Scott Steiner def. LAX to become the new Impact Tag Team Champions
* Brian Cage def. Dezmond Xavier, DJZ, El Hijo Del Fantasma, Taiji Ishimori and Trevor Lee
* Taya Valkyrie def. Kiera Hogan
* Matt Sydal def. Petey Williams to retain the Impact X Division Championship
* oVe def. Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Edwards and Moose in a House of Hardcore match
* Allie def. Su Yung to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship

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