TMZ: WWE Gets Restraining Order Against Poop-Smearing Fan

Apr 20, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

Credit: TMZ

A man who was shot outside the WWE Performance Center three years ago by cops after constantly harassing a female wrestler at the time is back in the news after WWE got an emergency restraining order against him.

TMZ is reporting that last month, the man whose name is Armando Montalvo showed up at an NXT non-televised live event and harassed WWE staff screaming obscenities at them.

Then, on April 4, Montalvo posted an Instagram post threatening WWE Superstars and staff and that’s when WWE went to court to get the restraining order which was granted. Montalvo has also threatened to use his own semen in a biological attack on WWE properties in the area. The 32-year-old smeared his own feces all over the walls of the WWE Performance Center three years ago as well.

The deranged individual continues to post crazy Instagram videos on his account that will certainly not help his case if he gets in trouble with the law.

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