“The Patriot” Del Wilkes Responds to Fabulous Moolah Controversy

Apr 10, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck


In a recent interview with wrestling insider Nigel Sherrod, Del Wilkes, f/k/a WWE Superstar “The Patriot”, discusses breaking in to pro wrestling, his thoughts on WWE pulling The Fabulous Moolah’s name from the Women’s Battle Royal at this year’s WrestleMania . Wilkes first began training at The Fabulous Moolah’s wrestling school, “Camp Moolah”.

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“The Patriot” Del Wilkes on:

WWE & WrestleMania sponsor Snickers decision to pull Moolah’s name from the Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania: “I think it’s horrible. I think it’s gutless. I think it’s a sad, a sad case. I think it’s very typical of what goes on today in society. It’s amazing how bold and brave people become on social media. I guarantee you there’s a lot that would never be said if everything had to be said face to face. But when you can get behind the Twitter account, Facebook account, or any other form of social media, and you can say things that you have no clue of what you’re talking about. You can call people horrific names just based on rumor and innuendo. I think it’s sad. It’s pathetic, but that’s the world that we live in.”

Moolah’s business practices & the allegations of stealing money, prostitution, and drugs: “I’ve talked to a lot of the girls that worked for her or were trained by her, even the guys that helped train me. And I don’t know that there was ever a one of them that did not go through their relationship with Moolah that at some point in time didn’t have a disagreement with her, or didn’t like a pay out, or didn’t like the way that things were done. But isn’t that the case basically with anybody that you work for?… But how you go from that, and letting that morph into this is a women that was a racist, a bigot, that also drugged women, and pimped women out is just beyond my wildest imagination… It happened so fast. That’s what’s so hard to believe about this whole thing. In a matter of days, WWE was going to honor this woman, and within 72 hours it seems the whole thing had blown up, and she was a pimp and a drug peddler.”

On how Moolah came up in the wrestling industry: “You know, I wonder if anybody ever asked Moolah what she had to go through when she was being brought up in the business. I bet you she went through hell, when she was going through a completely male dominated business, and trying to break in and make a name for herself.”

Whether or not Moolah was a force for inclusion & empowerment of women: “I think she did both to a degree. Empowered? Again, how many of the ladies that came through Moolah’s facility, that Moolah got booked on shows all over the world, all over this country? I think that just about as empowering as you can get, in my opinion. I mean she did what she could to help all of us, be it a man or a woman, and that’s inclusion as well. I guarantee you there were white people that went through her school, there were white men, there were white women, there were blacks, there were straights, there were gays, there were, I mean that’s about as inclusive as you can be. If you had a dream and were willing to work hard to try to fulfill that dream, then I think Moolah opened the door and allowed you the opportunity to come in and do just that.”

Del Wilkes joins 11 women from “Camp Moolah” that have come forward to denounce the allegations against her, including: former WWE Women’s Champion Leilani Kai, former NWA Women’s Champion Susan “Tex” Green, Joyce Grable, Kandi Malloy, Peggy Lee & others. The son of Sweet Georgia Brown, Michael McCoy, has also spoken out against the claims that Moolah abused his mother which are the main basis for the allegations against her. It is also of note that 8 WWE Hall of Fame recipients, including the most recent, Ivory & others including Wendy Richter, Beth Phoenix, Madusa, & others all included Moolah in their Hall of Fame speeches positively.

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