Shawn Stasiak comments on WWE honoring his father

Apr 6, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

The former WWF superstar Shawn Stasiak posted the following on his Facebook page:

Well…Although I just found out yesterday afternoon via social media and as much as I truly appreciate the WWE finally recognizing and acknowledging my dad Stan “The Man” Stasiak by inducting him into the “Legends Wing” of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame….At the same time…I’m honestly torn with emotion!

I’ve been campaigning his induction for years now and always felt that the brass of the WWE and namely Vince McMahon would one day finally make that phone call out of sheer class and respect by doing the right thing and invite me to do the honors and allow me to give my dad the proper personal induction that I feel he so strongly deserves.

This note is not intended to bash the WWE as again I truly am appreciative of the acknowledgment tonight but one would just think rationally that a man who had been one of the original pioneers of this industry, one of the original WWE/WWF/WWWF champions (5th in WWE), a man who travelled this entire globe many times over drawing crowds/$ in virtually any territory he entered or promoter he worked for (Especially Vince Mcmahon’s father who treated him so kindly and whom my dad loved so much) but most importantly and significant….The memories and experiences he created for so many wrestling fans all around the world and in ever territory he ever entered….That is the legacy he left and that I’m so very proud of.

The countess people and their stories of how much my dad scared the SHIT out of them just by his physical presence and the aura and or energy that he exude…The way he looked at you, glared at you, the way he walked, talked and performed in that ring left fans all around the world a memorable experience they would never forget and something impactful that I still hear to this very day.

With all this being said….And regardless of how the people behind the pen and are in the political seat at that company perceive me…I just always felt deep down when the day and time had come to induct Stan “The Man” Stasiak…They would have personally contacted his only son to do the honors.

It is what it is folks! I did the best I knew how!
I love you dad!
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