Update on Global Force Wrestling

Apr 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Jeff Jarrett says Global Force Wrestling isn’t dead:

“Global Force Wrestling is something that right now I have two projects, some smaller ones here and there with all kinds of different stuff. If you were to ask me what am I working on, it’s international projects. I believe, especially over my experience over the last few years, is that international is where the business is at. In North America … you have an enormous standard-bearer in the USA Network and RAW three hours on Monday and SmackDown two hours and then of course everything else that goes with the brand. So it’s tough, I’d be the first to tell you that. And Ring of Honor with Sinclair. So international is what I’m working on, and yes those were some great tapings, but a promotion is more than a television show. It’s obviously live events, merchandise and licensing, and the big component is, you can call it digital, but nowadays you the term is streaming. What’s the platform you’re gonna be on? How are you gonna get it to market? How are you gonna market it? And what is gonna set you apart? So those are the kinds of things we’re working on in the international scene.”

source: Wrestling Inc.

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