Eric Bischoff is launching a new podcast

Apr 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Bischoff is launching a new podcast called 83 Weeks. “Bruce Prichard and Conrad (Thompson) have done an amazing job creating not only one of the most entertaining, but one of the most popular pro-wrestling podcasts in the world, and I am grateful to be part of this line up. No one has ever accused me of being too funny, and impressions are not my thing. But unlike so many others who claim to know what really went on behind the scenes in Turner Broadcasting and WCW, I was at the epicenter. I appreciate Conrad’s ‘prosecutorial’ approach to interviews. His style will no doubt bring out the best in me, and I look forward to a platform that will expose the urban legends and false narratives created by those who have attempted to convince the audience that they have a clue. No brag… just fact.”

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