HTM: “I think the Hulkster needs to be back in WWE”

Apr 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck


The Greatest WWE Intercontinental Champion of All Time returned April 1st to his podcast Shake Rattle & Roll.

Honky Tonk Man on Hulk Hogan Returning to WWE

I think the Hulkster needs to be back in WWE. Once of the greatest experiences I’ve had in the last several years; I was driving with Bushwacker Luke after Wrestlecon last year in Orlando and we saw Hogan’s new store. I told Luke, pull in the parking lot mate and he’s all no no. I told him to park at the hotel and I decided to walk over and see Hogan.

Hogan had a big line around the corner so I walked right in the store, he looked at me, his eyes were big like uh oh. We had a big smile and a hug and caught up for 30 minutes and had fun like the good old days.

We’ve had issues like anyone but there’s no divorce you can’t fix. It was great to see Hogan again. We’re fine. It’s the entertainment business, we all say and do a lot of nonsense.

Mark Henry mentioned he’s not sure he would welcome Hogan back. Things happen in the heat of the moment but my opinion is I don’t see anythign wrong with Hulk going back to the WWE. He’d have to go back in some kind of ambassador role for special occasions.

Hogan deserves to be a part of WWE, WrestleMania. He’s the Muhammad Ali of wrestling. There’s only one Hulk Hogan, he’s the biggest name in our business. He’s THE guy in our business and he’ll always be that guy. There’s a lot of guys that came before him and guys that came after. There’s only one Hulk Hogan.

Listen to Honky’s full show from April 1st when Shake Rattle & Roll returned here

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