Graham: “Hulk Hogan is Dead”

Apr 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE hall of famer “Superstar” Billy Graham posted the following on his Facebook page:

Hulk Hogan is Dead

As far as the WWE is concerned anyway. Take a good look
on the face of HHH at the Andre Documentary premier last
Thursday in LA, that was produced by HBO. Hogan is seen
here pleading his case to H, but his words are falling on deaf
ears. The WWE has released a statement that despite Hogan
being at the Andre the Giant HBO premier, he has no dates booked with their company.

Hogan himself told TMZ at the LA airport on arrival in LA for the HBO special, that he will not be at Wrestlemaina in New Orleans. Hogan also brought up the Mark Henry remark,
” That Hogan needs to apologize to everyone in the WWE locker room. ” Hogan states he can’t remember seeing Henry say this, but I remember reading those exact words last week on a quote from Henry. Hogan then said ” I agree with Henry as Mark is my boy. ” Wrong words to use Hulk in this PC culture, as a Black man is not ” your boy. ”

So as far as I can see Hogan will never be back with the WWE in any capacity, he is just too toxic. I agree with one of my Facebook fans who suggested William Regal be the new Smackdown GM. A real gentleman with class. I have had some very nice conversations with Regal and find him very articulate; just the opposite of Hogan.

The latest I read about the Cena vs Undertaker fiasco is creative has suggested keeping Undertaker off the last RAW show which is tomorrow night. Then at mania have Cena sitting in a chair with the fans at ringside and have the Undertaker come out and call Cena to the ring for a match.
This just may be the single most lame way to present a match that involves the Dead Man ever. Plus, Cena has stated he will not be involved with the WWE for at least the next 3 plus months because he has 2 movies to make back to back. So, will the WWE have the Undertaker lay down for Cena, a man who
is a part time employee? Great way to end the career of 53 year old Mark Calaway.
Superstar B.G.

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