Reigns on Ambrose: “He’s an ironman for sure”

Apr 1, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

A few days ago, Roman Reigns had an interview with CBS Sports to promote WrestleMania. In the interview, Roman talked about Dean Ambrose’s injury and how it effected him and the locker room as Dean is seen as a locker room leader backstage and has been an Ironman in WWE.

“Unfortunately, for me, I got sick and then Dean. That’s the real part that sucks for us, cause not only did we lose our third member of The Shield…the whole locker room lost a leader. A workhorse, a guy who shows up.”

“To be honest, Dean has been the guy who’s been on the road longer than all of us. We’ve all experienced injuries; Seth blew his knee up, I had the hernia, the nose…stuff like that. He was the only one that still like, hadn’t had time off in five years. So, I mean, a lot of props to him. He’s an ironman for sure.”

(The Spotlight)

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