Triple H on 205 Live: “I’m happy in the direction that 205 Live is going in”

Mar 31, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“There’s a great team that helps to structure that event and I’m kind of the final process in that. What’s nice about that is being able to give them some direction in a long term format and then letting them create that and then just kind of guiding them along that creation. With 205, I’m not crossing every T, dotting every I and writing every moment. There is much more of an oversight. As all of these responsibilities become more and more and as you take on more and more, as things grow, you have to be able to take things off your plate and step back. Having the oversight of stuff and not necessarily being in the weeds of all of it is helpful. I’m happy in the direction that 205 Live is going in, I think it’s working very well. Viewership is up, fans seem to be enjoying it on social media and the feedback we’re getting on it, they seem to be enjoying it. The reaction is up and it’s trending from where it was before. At the same time, NXT is doing well and the viewership is way up and the excitement for it is way up. I’m happy with all of it and as long as fans are enjoying it, it’s a good thing.”

source: Triple H’s media call

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