Hogan is not scheduled for any WWE events

Mar 30, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

With the ban on Hulk Hogan eased by WWE, the former WWE champion interacted with WWE stars last night at the Andre The Giant HBO premiere in Los Angeles. The WWE social media accounts event went as far as posting a photo of Hogan face-to-face with Triple H, something that until a few months ago was a big no-no. Hogan said that it was great to see Triple H and The Big Show again during the event. Mark Henry, who did not appreciate what Hogan said in the leaked tape, was also part of the premiere party. He has recently spoken about Hogan, saying that he thinks WWE should not bring Hogan back yet. Hogan was actually invited by HBO rather than by WWE. While admitting that they’re once again talking to Hogan, WWE made it clear that Hogan is not scheduled for any WWE events and it does not mean they will hire him back. Hogan is confident that one day he will return to the company he helped make famous.

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