Austin on the lack of character development in WWE and producing too much content

Mar 28, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“At the end of the day, going back to match analyzation, it almost turns into a video game where it’s the red guy versus the blue guy and it’s just movement, this way and that way. And the emotion is gone and if you don’t have emotion… Yeah, the audience has been conditioned to say, ‘This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!’ Man, I don’t know. Is it awesome? Is it really? I think they are so overloaded with work that that’s all they can do, the three hours of RAW, the two hours of SmackDown, and everything else that they’re doing within the Network. Dude, those guys are shooting so much content it’s unbelievable. The amount of work that goes into it is countless hours. So I know the passion’s still there. I just think it’s so much content and because there’s not WCW banging on the door. Dude, the stakes aren’t as high. I mean, you want the ratings to be there. I’m not crapping on the guys. I ain’t crapping on the office. But the sense of urgency has changed and it’s a little flatlined when it should always be like you’re watching an monitor on someone’s heart that should have spikes and ups and downs. A straight line? Come on, man. I think it’s too much content.”

source: The Steve Austin Show

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