Bischoff comments on Heyman’s selection for Goldberg’s HOF induction

Mar 26, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

Former WCW President and the man responsible for creating the Goldberg gimmick, Eric Bischoff, commented on the news that it will be Paul Heyman who will be inducting his biggest WCW star.

Replying to a fan tweet that said that Bischoff should have been the one to induct Goldberg, Bischoff somewhat disagreed.

“If the goal is to have the most articulate, passionate and experienced person available induct @Goldberg, then there is no better choice than @HeymanHustle,” Bischoff wrote. “Paul will do an amazing job framing this moment for Bill and for all the fans in the WWE Universe.”

As most of you are aware, Bischoff and Heyman have not always been cordial with each other and there was bad blood between the two during the days of WCW and ECW.

“Thank you. Wow,” replied Heyman. “I’m blown away by this tweet, and even more appreciative of it…”

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