Triple H on 205 Live: “It’s a work in progress for sure”

Mar 23, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“It’s a work in progress for sure. Every single show we do is a work in progress, at all times. If you think, hey this is what it is, you’re done. That’s across the board for WWE. People’s tastes change. Time changes. You do the same thing for too long, that gets boring. You constantly have to evolve. It’s one of the great things about our industry, I think. It’s constantly evolving. You constantly have to be in front of it. The day you stop thinking I have something to learn about this, you’re done. So, to me, all of it, is a work in progress. 205 Live is a work in progress. Look, it went in a direction after the Cruiserweight Classic, it went in a direction that was believed to be the right direction, and then fans told us it wasn’t the right direction. So, we’ve changed course. They told us they didn’t like vanilla, so we went to chocolate. They told us, ‘we’re digging the chocolate right now’, so we’re going to stick with it and I think that’s the exciting part of, you know… the great thing is we can turn on a dime and we can deliver to people the things they want to see. Sometimes, it may take a little bit to get rolling. Sometimes, it might happen immediately. It just depends. I feel like we are heading in a good direction for 205 Live right now, NXT is firing on all cylinders. I think we’re gearing up to head into WrestleMania season with a lot of guns blazing and it’s an exciting time.”

source: PWInsider

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