Luther Reigns, and not Roman Reigns involved in the alleged steroid ring?

Mar 11, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Via The Spotlight on Facebook:

I got to ask questions via email to Journalist/Filmaker Jon Bravo the other day on the Richard Rodriguez steroid ring:

JJL: About an hour ago you revealed Matt Wiese former WWE wrestler “Luther REIGNS” as a client of WFN. Now I reported that on my site and many fans of the Internet Wrestling Community are assuming through comments and feedback that I’ve seen that you confused Roman REIGNS for Luther REIGNS. And that would leave Roman off the hook. Would you like to clear that up?

Bravo: Yea no… totally different. This I found on my own in texts and orders on Richards laptop. Roman was stated by Richard and he said his name was revealed in the tried and true statements in court. I am still investigating the Roman case. His is the hardest. Even Matt changed his last name on orders but I was able to verify the address and through the texts of the referral that I posted.

JJL: Now I’ve been following the story since the start and I know there is more to the story than just Roman Reigns. You’ve also stated many times you haven’t watched wrestling since the early days of Wrestlemania with Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. BUT there are ALOT of conspiracy theorist out their claiming that you’re waiting until April for Wrestlemania to try and sabotage Roman Reigns’ World Championship match with Brock Lesnar. If you may or may not know Roman Reigns is the man they’re grooming to be their next top star on the level of a Hogan/Rock/John Cena. This match is supposed to help catapult him to the next level. As of right now he’s scripted to defeat Brock. But many feel you’re out to prevent that. Care to comment on that?

Bravo: Yes, honestly there is no timing in this other than it being coincidental. The first video I did with Richard where he disclosed Roman I had no idea who he was or how big of a name he is. He disclosed those 3 names to me live. I also did not get the evidence until 2 weeks after that interview. In the past working with Richard he sent me individual orders and contracts but that was when he was out on bail. Now I have the full database. However the tricky part which i am going to go over in a video is cross referencing the orders because even Luther “Matt Weiss” ordered under Matt with a different last name. I was able to match the orders because of the address used and the text messages from his reference. His was easy because the orders were sent to a traceable address. I am going thru that process with Roman now. Let me know if that helps. Prior to the mini doc that is going to be out here soon, waiting on the interview with richard this weekend, I may release another video statement.

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