Beth Phoenix reflect on entering the WWE Hall of Fame

Mar 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I realize that literally an army of women came before me and paved the path for the opportunities I received. The work they did opened doors for me to be considered for the WWE Hall of Fame. I am so proud of the page in the history book that contains the words ‘Beth Phoenix’ because good, bad or ugly, in the words of old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, ‘I did it my way.’ My vision for the women is that they continue to ‘do it their way.’ Never believe in limitations or glass ceilings or boxes that people put you in, because you are better than that. I am so proud of the direction that society is heading in regards to women in WWE and culture in general. Equality is there for us if we continue to demand it. Like my grandmother once said to me, ‘Don’t waste a minute thinking about what you could do. Life is short. The time to live is now.’ Amen Gramma. Thank you.”

source: Calgary Sun

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