Sean X-Pac Waltman Says Roddy Piper and Frankie Williams Fight was Scripted

Mar 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman guested on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and shared how the Roddy Piper interview with Frankie Williams was planned and why the coconut hit on Jimmy Snuka was a gimmick.

Sean exposes truth about Roddy Piper interview fight with Frankie Williams

“Well I mean it wasn’t that bad of a deal, he didn’t really, you know, these things, they look worse than they are. Always. I mean, even real fights. You see a real fight happen…but even if it’s not like and somebody might have a black eye, or a cut, it’s really still, usually, not that big a deal you know?…it wasn’t man, it was bulls–t…those punches were lame as fuck anyways…and that story [Timeline: History of WWE – 1984 – Roddy Piper] was probably bullshit Kev, he’s still holding, he’s still playing the gimmick, even then.”

Sean says Roddy coconut hit on Jimmy Snuka was a gimmick

“Of course it was.”

When asked if it made Jimmy Snuka mental the rest of his life, Sean said:
“Absolutely not. You don’t think he [Jimmy] was already a little bit whacked out?”

Sean recalls the only time he remembers Roddy “doing the honors”

“Roddy, personally, and in person, was really, like, outside, if you had to do business with him in the ring, was the sweetest person ever, like, he made you feel special. There’s two sides to that. And he was a really, I mean, really good guy that really loved people…His ideas about how he did business made it really difficult to do business with him…It was in a tag match in Moline…Scott [Hall] did because he didn’t want to take Kev’s [Kevin Nash] powerbomb, so he took Scott’s finish. Cause he said before the match, he’s going, I think I’m going to do the chop tonight…He literally said this, ‘somehow I got this reputation for not wanting to do jobs.’ And we just started laughing, ‘I wonder how you got that!’ Cause we didn’t give a f–k. We would, at that time we would say whatever.”

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