Don Callis talks about why fans should care about Impact Wrestling

Mar 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“If I look at it through the lens of a fan, I think any time there is a regime change in a wrestling company, people are curious. We’ve been fortunate that Scott and I have enough equity in the wrestling business based on what we’ve done as office staff, creative and performers. People also see the business acumen that Ed and Anthem bring to the table. One of the cool things to get excited about is that you’ve got a good leadership team which is going to steer the ship. That creates a stable environment where talent can get over. There has been talent here before, but when there’s not a stable environment or creative vision and when the business side and the wrestling side don’t mesh, it creates chaos for the talent, and they can’t get over in the way that they should. We hope that there will be more surprises coming that people like, and we want to be more interactive with fans. Both fans and wrestlers told us that they didn’t like the six-sided ring, so we got rid of it. We’re going to continue to scour the globe for the best talent, because our fans deserve it.”

source: Metro

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