D-Von explains why the Dudley Boyz stopped working for WWE in 2016

Mar 1, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Bubba Ray Dudley wanted to go and explore other avenues, which is what he is doing now, and it was one of those things where I still wanted to be part of the company. I still had the urge but he wanted to explore other avenues, which is what ended up happening. I cannot knock him for wanting to do other things; life is too short so you have to do what you want to do. Life is too short to do what others want you to do, and I give him a lot of credit. Let it be known that I didn’t retire because I was hurt, or that I couldn’t do it. D-Von can still go; I can still jump on the top turnbuckle and jump on the table, so if WWE ever wants me to get back in the ring I can do it.”

source: Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia

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