wXw “Road to 16 Carat Gold 2018” Results – February 25, 2018 – Bielefeld, Germany

Feb 26, 2018 - by Michael Riba

1. wXw Road to 16 Carat Gold Semi Finals – 3-Way Dance
Speedball Mike Bailey defeated Jay Skillet and Julian Pace

2. wXw Road to 16 Carat Gold Semi Finals – 4-Way Dance
Marius Al-Ani defeated Michael Dante, Veit Müller, and Francis Kaspin

3. Absolute Andy defeated Tyler Colton

4. “Massive” Jurn Simmons and Alexander James defeated Emil Sitoci and Dirty Dragan

5. Champions Challenge Match
John “Bad Bones” Klinger defeated Bobby Gunns (via Referee Stoppage)

6. #1 Contender’s (wXw Women’s Championship) – 3-Way Dance
Melanie Gray defeated Veda Scott and Killer Kelly

7. RINGKAMPF (WALTER and Timothy Thatcher) defeated RISE (Lucky Kid and Ivan Kiev)

8. wXw Road to 16 Carat Gold – Finals
Marius Al-Ani defeated Speedball Mike Bailey

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