Elimination Chamber

Feb 25, 2018 - by Staff

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– The 2018 WWE Elimination chamber Kickoff pre-show opens live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Renee Young welcomes us and she’s joined by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, David Otunga and Peter Rosenberg. The panel plugs tonight’s show plus WWE Fastlane and WrestleMania 34 on the WWE Network. Renee sends us backstage to Charly Caruso. Charly mentions how Paul Heyman is here. She tried to get a word with him after the unannounced arrival but wasn’t able to. Charly says she will be digging to find out why Heyman is here tonight. She also talks about Ronda Rousey and we see a clip from her arrival video that was posted earlier. Charly promises more to come later and sends us back to the panel. Renee mentions that RAW General Manager Kurt Angle will be out later to answer questions. Fans can submit their questions with the #AskAngle hashtag. Renee sends us to a promo for the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match.

– Renee goes over the women’s Chamber rules and Paige joins the panel. She admits she is upset about missing the Chamber match but she has faith that Absolution’s Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville will come out on top. Renee asks about Ronda Rousey joining WWE and Paige says she loves it. She also wonders if Rousey can handle the load because UFC fighters compete just a few times per year. Paige welcomes Rousey. Renee sends us backstage to Mike Rome with Sasha Banks and Bayley. Bayley mentions how she wants the match to come down to she and Banks so she can win and go on to WrestleMania. Sasha obviously doesn’t agree. Mickie James ends up appearing and predicting that the Chamber will be the end of the Banks – Bayley friendship tonight. Back from a break and we get an Instagram video from WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz. Miz says he will prove to everyone that he is the #1 Superstar as he puts the IC Title where it belongs – the main event of WrestleMania. We go back to the panel but we’re interrupted by a backstage video with Matt Hardy. Matt talks about Sister Abigail and says he cannot allow her essence to spread any longer. The glass breaks and we jump to a different background for Matt. He goes on and says he will delete Bray Wyatt tonight. We go back to the panel and a video package looking at Asuka’s dominance and tonight’s match against Nia Jax. We go back to the panel for predictions. Booker predicts Asuka will have a hard night. Rosenberg can’t picture either outcome and says that’s the best kind of match. Otunga believes Jax will end the streak tonight. Renee, Booker and Otunga all go with Jax but Rosenberg picks Asuka to win.

– The panel discusses the Gauntlet Match from RAW and tonight’s men’s Chamber match. We go backstage to Charly and Seth Rollins. Rollins talks about Monday and says all that matters is tonight. Rollins goes on and mentions facing WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34, saying he’s going to do his best. We get hype for Titus Worldwide vs. RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar next. Rosenberg goes with Titus Worldwide and Otunga agrees. Booker goes with The Bar and Renee agrees. Kurt Angle joins the panel from a stream backstage. Angle is asked about Jason Jordan and said his surgery went well and he should be back right after WrestleMania. Angle believes he will be back better than ever. Angle is asked about who he thinks will win tonight’s Chamber matches and says that’s a tough one. He says Braun Strowman has a good chance and also gives a nod to Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Angle says also to never count out John Cena, who he believes is the greatest of all time. Angle believes Alexa Bliss has a good shot at retaining tonight. He gives props to the other competitors but goes with Bliss. Angle takes a few more questions and that’s it. Renee sends us to the ring.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel

We go to the ring and on commentary is Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Jonathan Coachman. JoJo does the introduction as Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas are out first. Fans are still finding their seats as Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are out next.

Axel starts off with Anderson and takes control. They go to the mat and back up. They go at it after some stalling and Axel works Anderson over. Anderson nails a dropkick and turns it around. Gallows tags in and slams Axel. Gallows takes Axel to the corner and unloads. Gallows gets a “nerd!” chant going and drops Axel with a big uppercut. Anderson comes back in. Axel fights back and tags Dallas in. Axel decks Anderson before leaving as Bo goes to work on Anderson and talks some trash.

Anderson runs into a boot in the corner and Axel charges. Anderson responds with two clotheslines. Anderson knocks Dallas off the apron and dropkicks Axel in the corner. Dallas tags in but Anderson doesn’t see it. Dallas dumps Anderson off the top rope and he falls hard on the floor. The Miztourage stands tall as we go to a break.

Back from the break and Dallas unloads on Anderson in the ring. Dallas drops knees and tags in Axel. Axel with a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Dallas comes back in and they end up double teaming Anderson. Anderson tries to fight both of them off but Dallas drops him. Anderson finally drops Axel with a running kick and in comes Gallows off the tag.

Gallows unloads on Dallas and hits a big splash in the corner. Gallows with a huge kick to the back of the neck to drop Dallas again. Gallows runs the ropes and splashes Dallas again. Anderson tags in but Axel stops the double team Boot of Doom. Gallows drops Axel. The Miztourage hits the double team and Dallas covers Anderson for a close 2 count while Gallows and Axel are on the floor. Axel goes to the top for a double team but gets crotched. Anderson with a Spinebuster on Axel. Gallows comes in and sends Dallas to the floor. Anderson ends up tagging in and they hit Magic Killer on Dallas for the pin.

Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

– Anderson and Gallows celebrate after the match but we go right to Mike Rome with The Revival backstage. Scott Dawson says all 4 of them had potential but that’s not his tag team wrestling, that was a mockery. Dash Wilder chimes in and agrees but we go back to Gallows and Anderson celebrating up the ramp.

– We go back to the panel for more hype on tonight’s show and the WWE Network. Booker predicts Rousey’s contract signing will be the big moment of the night, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.. the Shucky Ducky Quack Quack Moment. We get more hype from the panel and a Road to WrestleMania 34 video package. Back to the panel and Paul Heyman has joined them. Renee asks who he has his eye on in the Chamber tonight. Heyman has his eye on everyone as facing his client at WrestleMania is the biggest opportunity of one’s career. Heyman says the real Chamber main event will happen on RAW tomorrow night because the winner will go face to face in the ring with Brock Lesnar. We see the Chamber structure being lowered over the ring as Heyman goes on about Lesnar and WrestleMania. That’s it for the Kickoff.

– The 2018 WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view opens with a video package.

– We’re live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Jonathan Coachman. We see the Elimination Chamber structure being locked in. Cole leads us to a video package for the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match.

Elimination Chamber for the RAW Women’s Title: Mandy Rose vs. Sasha Banks vs. Sonya Deville vs. Bayley vs. Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss

We go to the Chamber and JoJo announces the rules. Out first comes RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and she doesn’t look happy. Bliss enters her pod and out next comes Sasha Banks. Banks enters the Chamber and stops to stare down Bliss. Out next comes Mickie James. Absolution is out next – Paige, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Paige stops at the stage and wishes them well before returning to the backstage area. Rose and Deville head into the Chamber and taunt the others in their pods. Mandy enters a pod and Deville waits on Bayley, who is out next.

Bayley and Deville will go at it alone for the first 5 minutes. Fans start cheering as the Chamber door is closed and locked. The bell rings and they stare each other down, and look around at the other pods. Deville goes for a takedown first but has no luck. She goes for another and slams Bayley to the mat. Deville with a weak 1 count. Bayley takes Deville down and they break. They get up to their feet and stare each other down again. They lock up and Bayley takes Deville down. Bayley with a running bulldog. Bayley with more offense until Deville turns it around and slams her face first into the corner. Deville drops Bayley with a big shot to the gut. Deville talks some trash now. Deville slingshots Bayley into the Chamber wall but Bayley grabs the chains and climbs up. Deville takes her down but it’s countered. Deville tries to send Bayley into the chains but it’s blocked again. Bayley ends up taking Deville down into the steel. Bayley with a 2 count. Bayley works on the shoulder in the ring now but misses an elbow.

Bayley slams Deville and covers for a 2 count. Bayley goes to the top but Deville crawls out to the steel. Bayley jumps anyway and hits a big elbow drop on the steel. Bayley rolls Deville back into the ring and covers for a 2 count. Bayley with a headlock as the timer starts counting down. The next entrant is Mandy Rose. Bayley meets her and drops a Stunner over the middle rope as she tries to come in. Bayley fights off Rose and Deville, bringing them in the ring after getting the upperhand. Fans chant for Bayley as she keeps control of both Absolution members. Mandy decks Deville on the steel and Deville takes her down hard. Absolution celebrates as we get a replay.

They double team Bayley and drive her into the wall of the Chamber several times. They bring it back into the ring and take turns on Bayley. Rose drops Bayley for a close 2 count. Mandy hit a knee from the second rope at one point. They take Bayley back out to the steel and work her over while she’s stuck on the wall of the Chamber. They talk some trash as the double team continues. Deville taunts Mickie outside of her pod. The timer counts down and the next Superstar in is Sasha Banks. Banks takes down Deville on the steel and then Rose. Banks launches Rose into her pod. Banks sends Rose into the Chamber wall next. Banks stomps away until Deville makes the save. Sasha unloads on Deville now. Sasha drops Deville with double knees.

Sasha brings Deville back into the ring and hits another set of double knees for a 2 count. Deville fights Banks off int he corner but Sasha positions her over the turnbuckle for the knees. Sasha drops Rose on the steel next. Sasha goes back to Deville and levels her in the corner for another pin attempt. Deville counters and sends Sasha into the turnbuckle for a 2 count. Bliss looks on as Bayley tries to fight back on the steel. Bayley and Sasha double team Deville, ramming her into the wall several times. They toss her back into the ring but Rose attacks them. Rose tosses Banks into the ring and clotheslines her. Rose with a Facebuster but she doesn’t make the pin. Rose goes another big move but it’s blocked. Sasha sidesteps a running knee and hits the Backstabber, then the Banks Statement. Rose taps out as Bayley stops Deville from coming in. Mandy has been eliminated.

Rose isn’t happy as she’s forced to leave. Bliss looks on and she’s all smiles. The timer counts down and the next entrant is Mickie James. She unloads on Bayley and Sasha. Sasha and Mickie trade pin attempts. Mickie with a neckbreaker on Bayley. Sasha drops Mickie but Mickie comes right back and slams her on her face. Mickie kips up for a pop. Deville with a big knee to Mickie. Deville sends Mickie into the Chamber wall now. Mickie sends Deville into the wall. Deville comes right back and rams Mickie back into the chains a few times. Mickie ends up taking Deville down to the steel with a hurricanrana. Mickie looks to climb the wall but Sasha comes over. Mickie superkicks her. Mickie climbs up again but here comes Bayley right beside her. They fight it out but Mickie sends Bayley to the steel. Mickie climbs up and reaches the top of a pod. Mickie nails a big Thesz Press from the top of the pod to Deville for the pin. Deville has been eliminated.

Banks and Bayley come over and hit their finishers on Mickie. Bayley covers for the pin. Mickie has been eliminated.

Bliss realizes what’s going to happen next. Bayley and Sasha look to team up on her when she comes in. The timer goes off and Bliss immediately shuts the pod. She climbs to the top of the cage but Banks and Bayley also climb up on each side of her. Bliss starts climbing down now. They also climb down but Bliss climbs up now. Bliss looks to avoid them. Banks ends up kicking Bayley off the top of a pod as the crowd pops. Bliss is down on the steel now. Sasha stalks her but Bayley comes from behind and sends Sasha into the turnbuckles. Bliss nails Bayley and brings her in for a 2 count.

Bliss unloads on Bayley while she’s down now. Bliss stomps away on the back of Bayley’s head and covers for a 2 count. Bayley with a big suplex to Sasha. Bayley goes to work on Bliss until Sasha comes from behind. Banks and Bayley go at it now. Banks ends up in the Tree of Woe in the corner. Bayley stomps on her. Bayley goes to the top while Banks is still upside down. Bliss cuts Bayley off and climbs up. Sasha is still upside down. Bliss with a superplex to Bayley. Banks pulls herself up to the top. Banks nails a Frogsplash on Bayley for a close 2 count. Bayley counters Sasha’s double knees int he corner but Bayley gets sent into the turnbuckles. Sasha talks some trash. Bayley runs to the top and nails a super belly-to-belly. Bliss stops the pin and steals a pin. Bayley has been eliminated.

Sasha with a close 2 count on Bliss as soon as Bayley has been eliminated. Bliss goes up top for Twisted Bliss but Banks gets her knees up and Bliss lands hard. They go to the steel and Banks gets caught up while running for a kick. Bliss sends her hard into the Chamber steel. Bliss ends up going to the top of a pod. She nails Twisted Bliss from the top of the pod to the steel. Bliss tries to bring Banks into the ring for the pin but Banks applies the Banks Statement on the steel. They come into the ring and Bliss gets out of the hold. Bliss rams Sasha back into the turnbuckles and finally breaks free. Banks drops Bliss in the corner.

Banks climbs up as fans chant “this is awesome” now. Bliss comes from behind and shoves Sasha face-first into a pod. Bliss brings Banks to the mat from the top with a big DDT and covers for the pin. Bliss retains and is going to WrestleMania 34.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

– After the match, Bliss takes her title and has her arm raised as her music hits. We go to replays. Renee Young enters the ring for comments from the winner. Bliss says the win means everything to her. Fans chant “you deserve it” after she gets emotional. Bliss thanks them and says this win isn’t just about her, it’s about every little girl and woman watching that has ever dreamed big. Bliss says this just proves you can be anything you want to be. Dare to dream and dream big, she says. Bliss turns and says the reality is that none of the people watching will ever achieve their dreams. She says she proved that there is no one better than her. Bliss says the odds were clearly stacked against her but she won. Bliss goes on and says she proved there’s just one true goddess in WWE. She raises the title again as her music hits.

– Back from a promo and we see RAW General Manager Kurt Angle entering Ronda Rousey’s locker room in the back.

– We get a backstage Twitter video from Braun Strowman with comments on tonight’s main event and Brock Lesnar.

RAW Tag Team Title Match: Titus Worldwide vs. The Bar

We go to the ring and out first comes Titus Worldwide – Titus O’Neil, Apollo and Dana Brooke. We see some of the international announce teams in the arena as RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar are out next.

Cesaro and Sheamus attack before their entrance is over. This backfires as Titus Worldwide turns it around and Apollo nails a big moonsault from the top to the floor.

They bring it back into the ring and we finally get the bell. Titus Worldwide starts the match with close pin attempts. The Bar ends up taking over thanks to Sheamus. The referee counts while Apollo is down on the floor. Sheamus tags in and works him over, bringing it back into the ring. Cesaro tags back in and Apollo tries to fight back but Cesaro drops him with a punch. Cesaro with a 2 count. Apollo reaches for a tag but Cesaro stops him. Sheamus tags in for double teaming and trash talking. Sheamus with another pin attempt before keeping Apollo grounded with an armbar.

Cesaro comes in and keeps Apollo down as Titus talks trash and waits for a tag. Sheamus comes back in and stops Apollo from tagging by stomping on his hand. The Bar has really slowed the match as Dana cheers Apollo on from ringside. Apollo looks to fight back again but Cesaro comes in off another quick tag and keeps Apollo grounded.

Apollo finally gets an opening after sending Cesaro to the floor. Sheamus tags back in and once again stops Apollo from tagging. Apollo fights off a cheap shot and more double teaming, finally getting the tag to Titus. Titus enters and unloads on both opponents. Titus with big shots to Cesaro in the corner. Titus launches Cesaro across the ring and stands tall for a pop. Titus hits Cesaro in the corner and then knocks Sheamus off the apron. Titus with a big boot on Cesaro for a close 2 count. Titus catches Cesaro for a slam but Cesaro slides out and kicks him in the knee. Cesaro with another counter. Titus sends Cesaro to the floor but didn’t see Sheamus tag in. They go at it and Titus hits Clash of The Titus on Sheamus for a 2 count as Cesaro breaks the pin.

The Bar regroups on the floor. Apollo runs the ropes and takes them both down. Apollo brings it back in and covers for a 2 count on Sheamus. Apollo with the standing moonsault but Sheamus gets his knees up. Sheamus with a 2 count. Cesaro sends Titus into the ring post on the floor. Apollo drops Sheamus with an enziguri. Cesaro tags in and takes Apollo’s knee out. The Bar hits the double team and Cesaro covers for the pin.

Winners: The Bar

– After the match, The Bar stands tall with the titles as we gt replays. Apollo is down on the mat while Titus is down on the floor recovering. The Bar leaves with the titles in the air.

– They air the trailer for the upcoming HBO Sports documentary on WWE Hall of Famer Andre the Giant, premiering on April 10th.

– The announcers discuss the next match. We cut backstage and see one of Asuka’s masks laying on the ground. A boot stomps on it and the camera reveals Nia Jax. We cut to a video package for the next match.

Asuka vs. Nia Jax

We go to the ring and out comes Nia Jax as we see more international announce teams in the arena. Jax will earn a spot in the RAW Women’s Title match at WrestleMania 34 if she wins this. Asuka is out next.

The bell rings and they go at it. Jax overpowers and blocks. Jax sends Asuka back into the corner with a headbutt. Asuka turns it around and keeps fighting, despite Jax’s power. Jax tosses Asuka across the ring. Jax charges but Asuka pulls the top rope down. Jax lands on her feet outside of the ring. Asuka charges but Nia sidesteps and catches her with the ropes. Jax with a knee to the spine. Jax comes back into the ring and keeps Asuka down with a boot to the back. We see Alexa Bliss backstage walking.

Jax smashes Asuka’s face into the mat with the boot on her back. Jax with a backbreaker now. Jax with a splash in the corner. Jax runs the ropes and drops an elbow for a 2 count. Asuka fights back and tries to roll Nia into a kneebar. Jax is too powerful to go down. Jax powers up and rams Asuka back into the turnbuckles. Jax puts Asuka over her back in a Torture Rack and bends her as fans pop. Asuka gets out and goes for a guillotine in the middle of the ring. Jax counters with a big vertical suplex, falling on top of Asuka.

Asuka with kicks now. Asuka charges but Nia catches her with a big Samoan Drop. Jax hits the ropes and goes for the leg drop but Asuka moves. Asuka with her Shining Wizard for a 2 count. Asuka brings Jax down to one knee and kicks her in the head. Asuka drops Jax with a running knee but Jax kicks out at 2. Asuka gets fired up and goes to the top. Jax cuts her off with a right hand. Jax climbs up for a super Samoan Drop but Asuka slides out but goes down to the mat. Jax goes for the big second rope splash but she wastes time and Asuka moves. Jax hits the mat hard. Jax still recovers and Asuka goes down as she charges. Jax goes for a splash on the mat but Asuka moves again.

Jax charges in the corner but hits the ring post shoulder-first as Asuka moves. Asuka pulls Jax down into an armbar. Jax powers to her feet and breaks the hold by ramming Asuka back into the turnbuckles. Jax acknowledges the WrestleMania 34 sign and goes to put Asuka away but Asuka counters and rolls her up for the pin.

Winner: Asuka

– After the match, Asuka’s music hits as we see Bliss watching backstage. Asuka stands tall and has her arm raised but Jax drops her from behind. Jax tosses Asuka to the floor and follows. Asuka fights back but Asuka catches a kick and tams her back into the apron. Jax charges and blasts Asuka through the barrier as it breaks. Jax stands tall over Asuka now. Jax marches to the back while Asuka is still laid out in the debris. We see Bliss backstage watching again and she’s happy. Renee approaches her for comments and says it looks like she will be facing Asuka at WrestleMania. Bliss knows Nia is disappointed in the outcome of the match but Bliss isn’t disappointed in what happened after the match. Bliss says we’re 6 weeks away from WrestleMania and no one is ready for her. We go back to the ring and see Asuka being helped away. We get replays from the match now. Asuka’s music resumes as we see Asuka being helped to the back.

– Charly is backstage with Roman Reigns, who gets a very mixed reaction from fans watching on the big screen in the arena. Reigns doesn’t care about what Paul Heyman has to say about Brock Lesnar defeating the Chamber winner at WrestleMania. Reigns knocks Heyman and says he’s the opposite, he goes out and does everything he says he will. Reigns says he will win the Chamber tonight and spoiler alert: he will go on to WrestleMania 34 to defeat Brock for the WWE Universal Title.

– Cole leads us to a video package for the next match.

Bray Wyatt vs. Matt Hardy

We go to the ring and out first comes Matt Hardy. It looks like it’s time for Bray Wyatt’s entrance as the lights go out and come back on. We see Wyatt standing in the ring but no Matt. We hear Matt on the mic singing a song about Bray being “obsolete!” to taunt him. Wyatt looks everywhere for Matt as he gets a brief “delete!” chant going. Wyatt turns around and Matt leaps off the steel steps at the apron to take Wyatt down. They fight into the ring as we get the bell.

They go at it after the bell. Matt gets the upperhand and applauds Wyatt at one point. Wyatt looks on confused. Fans stand with Matt and clap with him. Matt kicks Wyatt and goes for a Twist of Fate, driving Wyatt to the mat for a 2 count. Matt with another “delete!” chant and more offense. Wyatt turns it around by launching himself at Matt off the ropes. Wyatt unloads on Matt in the corner now.

Wyatt with more offense and another 2 count. Wyatt keeps Matt grounded with a headlock now. Matt gets free and fights back but Wyatt drops him with a headbutt. They end up going at it on the apron. Wyatt drops Matt and drives him into the apron, causing him to fall to the floor. Wyatt follows and delivers a big uppercut, taking his time with Hardy. Wyatt does to drive Matt into the steel steps but it’s blocked. Bray comes right back with a big clothesline on the floor.

Wyatt brings Hardy back into the ring for another 2 count. Wyatt chokes Matt on the middle rope now. Wyatt drops Hardy again and is all smiles as he continues to take his time. Wyatt poses and charges in the corner but Hardy catches him. Matt with a tornado DDT. Matt gets up and unloads with forearm shots, then head first shots into the turnbuckles. Matt with a corner clothesline. Wyatt blocks the bulldog but Matt comes right back with the Side Effect for a 2 count. Matt comes off the second rope with an elbow. Fans chant “delete!” now. Wyatt blocks the Twist of Fate. Wyatt with a big Uranage and a senton for a close 2 count.

Wyatt looks to be frustrated as he continues to unload on Hardy. It sounds like fans are chanting for Rusev Day. Wyatt smiles as the beating to Hardy goes on. Matt moves as Wyatt goes for the splash from the second rope. Wyatt blocks another move and goes for Sister Abigail but wastes too much time. Wyatt with a big boot to the face. Hardy takes the boot and fights back. Hardy comes right back with a kick to the gut and a Twist of Fate for the pin.

Winner: Matt Hardy

– After the match, Hardy stands tall as his music hits and we go to replays. We go to a break.

– The announcers lead us to a video package on Ronda Rousey.

– We go to the ring for Ronda Rousey’s RAW contract signing and out first comes RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. Triple H’s music hits next and out he comes with RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. There’s a table in the ring with Rousey’s contract and 4 microphones.

Fans chant for Triple H as Stephanie takes the mic. She says we’re all about to be a part of history as they sign one of the top female athletes. Triple H talks about how they search the globe looking for the best men and women. Triple H says this might be one of the biggest ever and he can’t think of one as big since they welcomed another Olympian, Kurt Angle. Triple H goes on about some of Rousey’s accomplishments. Fans give him the “what!?” treatment. Triple H says Rousey earned the right he thinks, to call herself the baddest woman on the planet. Triple H calls on everyone to welcome to WWE, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey. The music hits and out she comes, all smiles.

Stephanie asks Rousey to let her be the first to officially welcome her to WWE. Stephanie says the fans are making it perfectly clear that they want to hear from her, not Stephanie. “Hey guys,” says Rousey. Rousey says she’s not often speechless but to be in the ring with these people… Rousey fumbles some of her words. Rousey says it really is an honor. Fans chant her name now. Rousey says she wouldn’t be here at all if it weren’t for her hero, the late WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper. She talks about wanting to make his family proud. She wants to earn respect from fans in the ring. Triple H says Rousey didn’t want anything special put into the contract – no perks, no special travel, no private cars. Rousey says she doesn’t want to be treated any different. Triple H says all she asked for was an invite to WrestleMania and not only does she have that, she will be competing at WrestleMania. Fans pop. Not in a title match but a match, he says. She says she doesn’t want to be given a title match, she wants to earn it. She thanks Triple H again. Triple H calls on Stephanie to do the honors. She presents Rousey with the contract and its signed.

Triple H and Angle talk things over while Rousey and Stephanie go over the contract. Rousey asks if Kurt wants to say something. He says no, he’s just in awe of Triple H and Stephanie because they’re really brilliant. Angle has listened to them talk about Rousey since he came back to WWE. Angle says they couldn’t wait to get Rousey to WWE because they wanted to manipulate her for what happened at WrestleMania 31. Triple H looks pissed, staring at Angle. Angle says they want to put their thumb on Rousey and keep her down. “3 years in the making and now we own the bitch,” Angle alleges Triple H said. Triple H hushes him up. He says tonight is about Rousey, making dreams come true and Rousey becoming a WWE Superstar, not any of them. Triple H says Angle is not feeling well and is having a relapse after being in the hospital with the flu this weekend. Triple H tells Stephanie to wrap the contract up while he gets Angle out of the ring and to the doctor. Stephanie admits they have been talking about her since WrestleMania and did embarrass them there but they want her to be a part of WWE now. Stephanie is ready to finalize the deal and make Ronda a WWE Superstar. Angle speaks from the stage and says Stephanie called Ronda a has-been backstage, saying she could take Ronda one-on-one. Triple H hurries Angle to the back. Rousey stares Stephanie down and backs her against the ropes. Triple H comes back to the ring and gets between them, backing Rousey off. Rousey bucks up and gets in Triple H’s face.

Rousey watches as Triple H gets Stephanie to leave the ring. Triple H walks back over but Rousey scoops him and slams him through the table. Fans pop for Rousey as she stands over Triple H. Stephanie comes over and slaps Rousey in the face. Stephanie berates Rousey now, asking who she thinks she is. Fans do the “you fucked up” chant now. Rousey stares at Stephanie, causing her to run from the ring. Rousey signs the contract and tosses it onto Triple H, who is still down in the debris. Rousey leaves the ring as her music hits. Rousey marches up the ramp as Stephanie checks on Triple H. Rousey looks back and keeps walking to the back as we go to replays. Triple H slowly gets to his feet and tosses a piece of the table as Stephanie helps him leave the ring.

– We get a video package for tonight’s main event.

Elimination Chamber for a WWE Universal Title Shot: Elias vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns vs. The Miz vs. Braun Strowman

We go to the Elimination Chamber and JoJo goes over the rules. The winner of this will face WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in the main event of WrestleMania 34. The spotlight turns on and Elias is in the Chamber with a guitar. Fans cheer as he starts playing. Elias talks about how he’s going to win tonight and go to WrestleMania. He also knocks Las Vegas for the heel heat and talks about the strategy he has at entering the match last tonight. He goes on with the heel act before beginning his latest song. The music finally interrupts and out comes Braun Strowman. Elias immediately enters a pod. Braun enters his pod as fans pop. John Cena is out next, taking a look at Braun and Elias in their pods. Roman Reigns is out next. Reigns enters the Chamber and also stops at each pod to stare down the other participants. Reigns hits the turnbuckle in front of Elias and poses. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz is out next. Miz gets shook a bit by Braun. Seth Rollins is out next to a big pop. Finn Balor is the last man out.

Rollins, Balor and Miz start things off as we get the bell. Miz tries to talk Rollins into a partnership as Balor looks on but he has no luck. Miz tries to “too sweet” Balor next but Balor isn’t interested. Rollins turns to Balor next and proposes a partnership. Miz attacks them but they both kick him. Rollins kicks Miz and Balor tosses Miz over the top to the steel. Rollins rolls Balor up for a 2 count. Balor and Rollins go at now. They break and circle each other before locking up again. Balor decks Miz as he tries to get up and back into the ring, sending him back to the steel. Rollins takes Balor down to the mat again. Rollins decks Miz as he tries to get up again, sending him back to the steel once again. Balor runs the ropes and dropkicks Rollins. Miz comes in with a thrust to Balor’s gut. Miz with a sunset flip to Balor but it’s countered. Balor with a basement dropkick to Miz for a 2 count.

Balor with a big chop to Rollins in the corner, then Miz in another corner. Balor with offense on both now. Balor kicks Rollins and covers for a 2 count while Miz is down in the corner. Rollins drops Balor with a knee to the gut and covers for a pin attempt. Balor with a roll up on Rollins from behind. They all trade roll ups now. Rollins slams Balor over his knee. Rollins charges in the corner but Miz dumps him to the steel. Rollins springboards in with a clothesline and nails it. Rollins with the suplex into a Falcon Arrow to Miz. Miz kicks out at 2. Rollins superkicks Miz and goes for the stomp. Rollins blocks a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz runs into a boot in the corner. Balor gets involved now. Rollins hits a double Blockbuster and covers Balor for a 2 count, then Miz for a 2 count. The timer counts down and the first man released from a pod is Cena.

Cena meets Rollins in the middle of the ring and they have words about going to WrestleMania. Cena laughs in Rollins’ face. They go at it and Cena slams Rollins. Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Rollins kicks him. Cena blocks that and slams Rollins again. Miz comes over but Cena slams him beside Rollins. Cena hits a double Shuffle to Rollins and Miz. Balor follows up and drops Cena, then stomps on him for a 2 count. Balor counters a Skull Crushing Finale and rolls Miz up for 2. Balor with a Slingblade to Miz. Rollins levels Balor and he goes down. Rollins hits Balor, then Miz, then Balor again. Cena follows up behind Rollins and hits him. Cena goes for a stacked double Attitude Adjustment on Balor and Rollins but Balor slides out. Cena uses Rollins to drop Balor. Rollins lands on his feet and hits an enziguri to Cena. Miz with a neckbreaker to Rollins for a 2 count. We see Reigns, Braun and Elias watching from their pods.

Cena sends Balor out to the steel while Miz and Rollins go at it. Rollins sends Miz into the Chamber wall. Fans do dueling chants for Cena now. Balor works Cena over on the steel. Cena climbs up top with Balor while Rollins climbs up with Miz in the opposite corner. Cena hits a superplex first, then Rollins hits his superplex. All 4 Superstars are down now as the timer starts counting down. The next man in is Reigns.

Reigns decks Balor first, then Cena and Miz. Reigns with more offense on the others before facing off with Rollins. Miz comes from behind, nailing Rollins and hitting a big boot on Reigns. Miz with a big DDT to Rollins for a 2 count. Miz kicks Cena and stands tall. Everyone is down but Miz. He points at each and asks fans who he should hit first. He ends up delivering the “yes!” kicks to everyone while they are on their knees in a circle. Miz gets fired up but misses the last kick to Reigns. Reigns with a big clothesline. Reigns unloads on Miz now. Balor comes over and drops Reigns from behind. Balor unloads in the corner. Rollins saves Reigns but Balor sends Rollins out to the steel. Reigns clotheslines Balor for a 2 count. Reigns unloads on Balor with clotheslines in the corner as fans count along. Reigns kicks out and overpowers Balor for a big powerbomb. Reigns with a Samoan Drop to Cena for a 2 count. Reigns with a sitdown powerbomb to Miz but he kicks out just in time.

Reigns taunts Braun as he waits for a Superman Punch to another opponent but the timer counts down and Reigns turns his attention to Braun’s pod. Braun is let in at #6. Braun grabs Rollins on the steel and sends him into the Chamber wall. Reigns charges but Braun drops him with a right hand. Braun enters the ring and drops Balor, then Cena. Miz tries to keep his distance from Braun. Braun decks Cena and Reigns again, and Balor and Rollins. Cena and Rollins double team Braun now but he’s still standing. They try for a double suplex but Braun counters and drops them both with a suplex at the same time. Braun catches Balor and uses him to drop Reigns as he charges. Miz has climbed up to the top of a pod now. Braun climbs up and gets “these hands” on him. Braun slams Miz’s face into the Chamber glass a few times. Braun then launches Miz off the pod onto Cena, Reigns, Balor and Rollins. Braun stands tall on top of the pod and yells out. We go to replays.

Braun returns to the ring and stares at Elias before going back to work on Miz. Braun clubs Miz to the mat. Braun continues to dominate the match while most re down. Braun dumps Rollins out on the steel. Braun scoops Miz for the running powerslam next. Braun covers for the pin. Miz has been eliminated. The timer counts down and the last man in is Elias.

Elias doesn’t come in as Braun stares him down outside of the pod. Braun turns around to Cena, Reigns, Rollins and Balor. They beat him down. Rollins and Balor lift Braun while Cena and Reigns slam him for a Shield-style powerbomb. Braun still kicks out at 2. Cena scoops Braun for an Attitude Adjustment and nails it. Braun kicks out and sends Cena flying. Reigns hits a Spear on Braun but he still kicks out. Rollins with a big move on Braun next as he rolls to the steel. Balor goes up top and hits a Coup de Grace to Braun on the steel. Cena hits an AA to Reigns. Rollins stops the pin and superkicks Cena. Rollins blocks a Slingblade from Balor and they collide, both going down. Elias finally leaves his pod as the others are down. Elias with a 2 count on Rollins, a 2 count on Balor, a 2 count on Reigns and a 2 count to Cena. Elias continues working over his opponents. He drops Cena with a knee and goes up top. Elias with a big elbow drop to Rollins for a close 2 count. Reigns ends up scooping Elias on his shoulders but Elias fights free. Elias powerbombs Reigns out of an Electric Chair but Reigns still kicks out at 2. Braun comes from behind and sends Elias into the corner. He charges but Elias moves and Braun hits the ring post. Elias tries to get Braun on his shoulders but can’t. Braun with a powerslam to Elias for the pin. Elias has been eliminated.

Rollins stops a Braun powerslam to Reigns. They all take turns on Braun now. Cena comes off the top but Braun catches him in mid-air. Braun powerslams Cena and pins him. Cena has been eliminated.

Braun stands tall and asks who wants these hands. Reigns walks up to him and gets rocked. Rollins does too. Braun tells Balor to bring it. Braun swings but Balor catches it and unloads on Braun. Braun runs into boots in the corner twice. Balor with more offense before going to the top. Braun grabs him by the throat and beings him down. Balor blocks a running powerslam and finally gets Braun off his feet. Balor goes back to the top and hits a Coup de Grace to the back of the head. Balor covers for a 2 count. Balor and Rollins go at it now. They trade overhead kicks. Balor hits 1916 for a close 2 count. Reigns and Balor go at it now. Balor with a Slingblade and a corner dropkick. Balor goes to the top and hits Coup de Grace to Reigns. Braun comes over and hits a running powerslam on Balor for the pin. Balor has been eliminated.

Braun stares at Rollins and Reigns as they try to get to their feet. They stalk Braun and attack him, unloading with strikes. Braun pushes Rollins off but gets dumped to the steel. They double team Braun and send him into the wall of the structure twice. Rollins turns and sends Reigns into the steel as fans pop. Rollins brings it in the ring with a springboard, then a superkick to Reigns. Rollins nails a Buckle Bomb but Reigns immediately responds with a Superman Punch. Both members of The Shield are down now. Braun sees this and starts getting up. Braun scoops Rollins for a powerslam but Rollins grabs the Chamber wall and starts climbing up it. Braun climbs up as well. Rollins kicks at him. Reigns comes over and gets Braun on his back. Reigns with a Samoan Drop on the steel to Braun. Braun rolls back into the ring. Rollins climbs up on top of the pod now. Rollins nails a huge Frogsplash from the top of the pod but Braun kicks out at 2.

Reigns and Rollins are on each side of Braun now but he fights them off. Braun with a big dropkick to Reigns. Rollins superkicks Braun in the mouth. Rollins with another superkick to Braun to bring him to one knee. Rollins goes for the stomp but Braun catches him in a running powerslam for the pin. Rollins has been eliminated.

Braun and Reigns face off now. Reigns strikes first but Braun grabs his throat and sends him over the top to the steel. Reigns comes back and flies over the top to the steel. Braun charges on the steel but Reigns moves and Braun goes crashing through the glass of a pod. Reigns follows up with a Superman Punch as Braun stumbles back into the ring. Reigns follows and hits another Superman punch, bringing Braun to one knee. Some fans are booing now. Reigns goes for a Spear but Braun blocks it. Reigns with a Superman Punch and a Spear. Braun gets up and Reigns delivers another Spear for the pin. Reigns is going to WrestleMania 34.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Roman Reigns

– After the match, Cole confirms Reigns vs. WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar for WrestleMania 34 as we go to replays. Reigns sands tall and looks up at the WrestleMania 34 sign as his music plays. Braun comes from behind and lays Reigns out with a running powerslam. Fans chant for more. Braun stands tall with a thumbs down and fans pop. Braun scoops Reigns for another big powerslam in the middle of the ring. Braun takes Reigns to the steel and launches him through the glass of a pod. Reigns is laid out as Braun yells out and raises his arms. Braun’s music hits as he exits the Chamber and heads to the back. Elimination Chamber goes off the air with Reigns laid out inside the pod.

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