Don Callis on the Impact Wrestling roster: “It is a process, there will be more people coming in”

Feb 25, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Here’s the problem with the narrative that goes around with that. I’m not knocking wrestling journalism because it is what it is, but the narrative that’s been kicking around is that all these people are leaving. That’s fine, and that’s true, but the context is not there. Are we okay with them leaving based on the new talent? They talk about who has left, but a lot less about who came. Yes, EC3 is a tremendous performer, he’s gone on to NXT and we wish him all the best. But, people just say he’s left, they don’t say that Brian Cage or Austin Aries debuted. We use a lot of sports analogies around here. If you have new Head Coach for a team, they’re going to change talent and they’re going to draft new players that fit their particular system. That’s what we’re doing. It is a process, there will be more people coming in. And we also have Alberto El Patron, who to me is one of the best pieces of talent I’ve ever seen in this business since I was seven-years-old.”

source: Metro

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