Bobby Roode gives his thoughts on Jeff Jarrett being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

Feb 25, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“He was born into this business, from his grandmother to his father back in the Memphis territory days. He evolved from learning from the old timers back in the day to becoming a promoter and opening his own businesses”

“You never thought you’d see Jeff Jarrett go into the WWE Hall of Fame especially after 2002 when in that famous backstage promo when Vince McMahon fired him on national TV”

“He’s had his ups and downs both professionally and personally so as a friend of his it’s great to see him going into the Hall of Fame in 2018”

“He’s helped a lot of the new crop of talents here in WWE. Myself, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, AJ Styles. He gave us a platform to showcase our talent and why we do what we love”

“If Jeff hadn’t given a young guy back in 2004 a chance in his company I don’t know if Bobby Roode would be here now”

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