Kylie Rae talks about her recent WWE tryout

Feb 23, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“It was the hardest but best three and a half days of my life. You fly in and you get your physical done to make sure you are capable of even partaking in the try-out. Then it’s basically just 9 am ’til 5 pm every single day. Just hard, intensive drills and no amount of cardio or conditioning will prepare you for it. You always hear about, ‘the bag drill’. I don’t know what you’ve heard about try-outs but ‘the bag drill’ is always the toughest part of the try out. Honestly, it was all tough. We did in-ring work. We did warm-ups, stretches, you lifted with the trainers there and it was just so hard but so worth it. If I had the opportunity I would do it all over again because it was just amazing. You do promos there in front of some of the best people to ever be in pro wrestling and WWE. You get to do try-out matches too and they are able to see you as a person and you as a wrestler. You just can’t beat that. You don’t get a lot of feedback while you are there, you kind of have to wait a couple weeks, sometimes you hear from them and sometimes you don’t. I only cried like three times, so that’s good.”

Article: WWE reveals names of Tryout participants at Performance Center


25-year-old Brianna Rae Sparrey, a former college softball player from Illinois. Under the alias Kylie Rae, she has competed for SHIMMER Women Athletes and is the reigning Diamonds Champion for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling.

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