Ed Nordholm admits going to war with Reby Hardy was not a smart idea

Feb 10, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

In an interview with Newsweek, Anthem Sports & Entertainment’s Executive Vice President Ed Nordholm admits that going to “war” with Matt Hardy’s wife Reby on Twitter was not the best idea at the time and quickly realized not to mess with hispanic women!

When he was asked if there’s one thing he would do differently since taking the helm of Impact Wrestling, Nordholm said he would not attack “hispanic women who are protecting their men.” Nordholm said that he was still new to the wrestling world and coming from a corporate environment, Twitter wars aren’t usually something that they excel in. “We clearly took on a shitstorm, and I got my head handed to me,” an honest Nordholm added.

In the same interview, Nordholm also discussed the change on how the company will be dealing with intellectual property in regards to names and gimmicks created for their stars. “The catalyst was finding out our talents were doing other shows under other names. It seemed to me that’s absurd in the world we’re in today,” said Nordholm.

Co-Executive Vice President of Impact Wrestling Scott D’Amore agreed with the new way of doing business when it comes to IP. “We want a collaborative environment where people can feel like they’re creating something [with us]…and if the time comes where you go separate ways, you both get to walk away knowing you have some ownership of something you created. Mike Hutter gets to go out and play the character he helped create. It’s better for him, better for wrestling, and better for us — we have a library full of amazing EC3 content.”

You can read the full interview her.

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