Mixed Match Challenge data under the spotlight during WWE conference call with investors

Feb 9, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

While WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge has been a bit of a mixed success, WWE execs are talking big numbers when it comes to promoting the show.

Michelle Wilson, WWE’s Chief Revenue and Marketing officer, said that the show has done over 6 million views on Facebook and WWE fans watched over 12 million minutes ever since it started four weeks ago.

When pressed to give specifics about how much time people are spending when they sit down to engage with the product, George Barrios, WWE’s Chief Strategy and Financial Officer, did not want to get into numbers as he said they don’t have the data that the folks at Facebook have.

“So I like to stay out of the comparison. I would say we’ve seen a good number of improvement in the watch tab for WWE content, the time spent viewing versus pre-watched tab. Obviously, we want continue to see that grow, but I would not want to make any comparisons just because we don’t have access to that information,” Barrios said.

The live Mixed Match Challenge watch-counter on Facebook peaks at around 100,000 viewers every week but then that counter adds up once fans watch the on-demand show. Considering how many WWE has likes on Facebook, the live number is a bit of a disappointment although the show is restricted to those living in the United States only.

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