Austin Aries: “For me, weight divisions in wrestling are a little silly”

Feb 9, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I decided to return as a world-class wrestler. That’s why I made sure that people understand that it is the Impact World Championship. For me, weight divisions in wrestling are a little silly because we never adhere to them, we never use them. Right? There’s also this perception that if you’re less than a heavyweight or if you’re not 206 lbs., somehow you can’t be on top of the card. Or you can’t be considered main event talent. It’s just foolish. If you look at other sports such as MMA or boxing, guys like Floyd Mayweather, guys like Conor McGregor… never been heavyweights a day in their lives. Yet they’ve been a draw throughout their lives, in their respective sports.”

source: Austin Aries on the Impact Wrestling conference call

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