Report: McMahon no longer running 205 Live

Feb 7, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo is reporting that Vince McMahon has handed over the reigns of 205 Live completely to Triple H, with the show taking a different approach over the past two weeks as a result of change in leadership. McMahon, who is hands-on with everything except NXT, had one vision for 205 Live that revolved around characters while Triple H’s vision is completely different and focuses on the high-flying action that makes the cruiserweights different than the rest of the main roster and 205 Live different than Raw and Smackdown or any other regular WWE television show. With Triple H leading the charge, 205 Live will have a feel more like the very successful Cruiserweight Classic in the coming weeks, something that was the original plan before McMahon wrapped his hands around it. The 72-year-old is still very much involved in running the company and does not give up control over a product easily. Even with the new XFL on his plate, McMahon has said that it will not affect his day-to-day work at WWE.

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