Terri Runnels confirms that Enzo’s firing effected Goldust’s role on Raw 25

Feb 6, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

On the Enzo Situation & How It Hurt Goldust’s Night: “The APA guys were sitting at the tables and were like, ‘Oh my gosh, they just got Enzo.’ Enzo was supposed to be first at the APA table. The more important to me was that he was supposed to work with Goldust. Goldust is the oldest working star in WWE and he was literally not written in Raw 25. Him and Enzo were doing something in the ring but it got scrapped of course,” she said. “Enzo’s situation affected him. Dustin is a huge part of Raw and literally he was not in any video montage; all the 25 that they threw up all those moments in Raw history, I did not see him there. That was a huge part that was missing and you know, that was wrong. I really felt bad for him about that. He is my child’s father. I am really proud Dustin. Proud of the way he lives his life now. He is an incredible father to Dakota [Runnels] and he’s busted his a** for Raw fans for so long and he was just left out. I realized that it wasn’t planned to leave him out, but it just sucked.”

Source: Wrestling Inc

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