NEW “Cold Open 2018 – Day 3” Results – February 3, 2018 – Hessdorf, Germany

Feb 4, 2018 - by Michael Riba

1. Marc Empire defeated Jack Wilder

2. Steinbolt defeated Chris Falkner

3. Team Turbulence (Tommy Tornado and Tommy Torpedo) defeated Balian Bull and Falk

4. Tyler Slade defeated Luke Taylor

5. Georg “Schorschi” Gwärch vs. Tommy Blue Eyes (No Contest)

-After the break, Juvenile X and TKO come to the ring and declare that they will receive support in today’s main event against NEW World Tag Team Champions Maveric Cross and Mexx. Then, Cyanide appears and introduces himself as the third man in the team.

6. Janni Jarruk and Boris Pain defeated Scott Iron and “Schizo” Rik Stalwart

7. 3-Way Match
Aziz Adamant defeated Danylo Orlow and Fast Time Moodo
-After the match, Aziz Adamant steals another gold medal from Fast Time Moodo.

8. Yuri Gromow defeated Dante Kennedy

9. NEW World Tag Team Championship – 6-Man Tag Team Match
TKO, Juvenile X, and Cyanide defeated Maveric Cross, Mexx, and Demolition Davies (c)

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